Rachel Zegler Took A Trip To Disney World To Celebrate Her Birthday With Snow White, And The Photos Are So ‘Fancy’

 Rachel Zegler as Lucy Gray Baird in Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.
Rachel Zegler as Lucy Gray Baird in Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.
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Rachel Zegler is Disney’s live-action Snow White! While we’re going to have to wait until next year to see the Hunger Games actress bring her take on the first Disney Princess to the big screen, she’s wasting no time visiting her kingdom to ring in her 23rd year.

Zegler’s birthday was at the top of the month, on May 3. However, why only celebrate on the day itself? Rachel Zegler took a trip to Walt Disney World earlier this week, and she had a couple of sweet encounters with her Disney character. Check it out:

In the Instagram post, Zegler can be seen smiling alongside a statue of Snow White that has a shrub dress in the background in the first photo. In the second photo, Walt Disney World’s Snow White character can be seen posing for the West Side Story star. It looks like she paid the character a visit during her trip! In the final photo, she took a picture of a note she added to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant. As the message reads:

To all the amazing folks here. Thank you! Just one (more) bite!!

Zegler signed the message not only as herself but as Snow White! She also scribbled an adorable drawing of a poison apple along with dating it May 14, 2024. What a lovely social media post from the actress ahead of becoming the princess on the big screen. She cleverly captioned it “fancy seeing you here!”

The Snow White movie was filmed back in 2022, and its helmed by director Marc Webb of (500) Days Of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man fame. Zegler is set to be joined by Gal Gadot, who is playing the Evil Queen. It was initially going to come out in March on the 2024 movie schedule, but the House of Mouse decided to move it to March 2025, reportedly due to the effects of the SAG-AFTRA strike.

However, other rumors have suggested that Disney is nervous about the release of Snow White after spending a reported $300 million making it. The movie was also the center of backlash last year following Zegler saying the princess would no longer need to be “saved” by the prince in the new iteration and other changes the film is allegedly making to the source material.

Zegler actually took to social media to speak to the internet hate she received last year on her birthday this year. She shared hopes that her 23rd year “holds a lot less hatred, a lot less being afraid for my safety in public, and a lot more understanding for growing up.” You can look forward to seeing Rachel Zegler in Snow White when it comes to theaters on March 21, 2025. And, check out what other upcoming Disney movies are on the way here on CinemaBlend!