Rachel Zegler, Boyfriend Josh Andres Rivera Have Costarred Together More Than Once: Meet Him!

Since landing her breakout role as Maria in Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of West Side StoryRachel Zegler has been catapulted to stardom. Now that she will be starring as Lucy Gray Baird in the upcoming 2023 Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, many of Rachel’s fans are wondering who her boyfriend, Josh Andrés Rivera, is after seeing him appear in the trailer alongside her. 

Keep reading to learn more about Rachel’s boyfriend, Josh! 

Who Is Rachel Ziegler’s Boyfriend Josh Andres Rivera? 

Josh is an actor who is rising to fame! After portraying the role of Chino in’s West Side Story, he spoke with MySA in December 2021 about the moment he learned he was cast. 

“I didn’t believe it at first,” he admitted to the outlet. “My agent told me I booked the part, and I threw my phone to the other side of the room. Then, I picked it back up and called her a liar. It was really surreal.”

Despite the initial denial over the exciting news, Josh recalled how supportive his castmates were, as many of them were also new to the big screen. 

Does Rachel Zegler Have a Boyfriend? Josh Andres Rivera

“For a lot of us, it was our first time doing something this huge,” the longtime theatre kid explained. “I think it made it that much easier to build up the camaraderie, so we could believe in and support each other. Steven and his team were top notch.”

Josh and Rachel began dating shortly after filming wrapped, going public with their romance in February 2021. 

Since then, Josh has been building his film resume by starring in Cat Person and one episode of the TV series Sugar Baby, per his IMDb profile. In 2022, both Josh and Rachel were cast in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, with him playing mentor Sejanus Plinth. 

At the time when Lionsgate announced his role, the New Jersey native congratulated her beau by penning a sweet note via her Instagram Stories. 

“Never been prouder of someone in my life lemme tell you,” Rachel wrote across a screenshot of Josh’s headshot and casting news. 

What Is Josh Andres Rivera’s Net Worth? 

Since the former Hamilton cast member is still relatively new to Hollywood, his net worth is currently unknown. However, West Side Story earned $76 million at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo, and the upcoming Hunger Games prequel is expected to be a massive critical and financial hit for its actors. 

Are Rachel Zegler and Josh Andres Rivera Still Together? 

Almost immediately after the trailer for their Hunger Games prequel film dropped in April 2023, Rachel expressed her support for her boyfriend, confirming that they were still going strong. 

In response to a tweet revealing Josh’s intense scene from the movie, Rachel replied, “That’s my baby, and I’m proud.” 

The couple haven’t hesitated to gush about each other over the years. During her May 2022 interview with Elle, Rachel confessed that fame comes with a price, but Josh helps her stay grounded. 

"There's always this deep understanding of what I go through,” the Snow White actress said. “Since [his experience was] on a different scale, he's able to bring me back to earth and tell me when it really doesn't matter. Because he's removed from it to a certain degree, he's able to just snap me out of it, and tell me to stop checking my phone, or remind me of what actually matters and remind me to be present, and to not focus on the opinions of 3,000 faceless strangers on the internet."