Rachel Zegler Attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, And It Looks Like She Was Living Her Best Swiftie Life

 Rachel Zegler Taylor Swift Side by side
Rachel Zegler Taylor Swift Side by side

Taylor Swift has a lot of upcoming projects but, at present, she's still in the midst of  her Eras Tour. It's fair to say that overall, thousands of fans that have attended the shows by this point, and there's been a decent amount of famous faces among those admirers. Now, West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler is the latest notable fan to attend the stadium tour. She was present for Swift's MetLife Stadium appearance in in New Jersey, and the actress documented it all on social media. And based on the snapshots she shared, Zegler was really living her best Swiftie life.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes star took to Instagram to share photos from her experience at the tour, and they're sure to make some people jealous. Many fans have been dressing up for the shows, referencing one of the singer's eras or a specific detail from one of her songs in the process. Rachel Zegler wanted to join in on that fun and came dressed as the folklore era's Betty, who is part of the infamous love triangle that Taylor Swift sings about on the album. You can check out Zegler's attire for yourself down below:

rachel zegler wearing taylor swift cardigan at eras tour.

She definitely nailed the look, and it certainly proves just how much of a fan she really is. Amid the tour, fans have also been exchanging friendship bracelets during concerts. This sweet practice is connected to a line in one of the Grammy winner's songs. In another post, the actress showed off the many bracelets she got from her fellow Swifties and noted that she'll keep them forever:

rachel zegler showing off friendship bracelets at eras tour.

It looks like Rachel Zegler was having a fun time even before the concert started. So you can imagine that she was certainly excited once Taylor Swift actually took to the stage later that evening. Zegler made sure to capture a photo of her idol, and she added a brief caption that probably sums up just how every other fan feels about the performer:

taylor swift on stage at the eras tour, taken by rachel zegler.

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This is definitely the kind of etiquette everyone should have at the Eras Tour, and to see it coming from Rachel Zegler is no surprise. The rising star previously joked about having a sad Swift song in her Spotify Wrapped while also using a Parks and Rec meme (and it was pretty relatable). It’s clear that Shazam! Fury of the Gods alum had the time of her life at this show and, honestly, it’s what she deserves. Now, I'm just wondering what she thought about Swift premiering the “Karma” music video during the concert.

The Eras Tour has been making headlines lately due to the made-up fan chants, the friendship bracelets and more. Taylor Swift herself even went viral for defending a fan. There are also the surprise songs Swift sings each night, which Swifties are always dying to know about ahead of the shows. With just over two months left of the U.S.  tour, who knows what other surprises Swift has in store. Maybe she'll announce another re-record at another show? Who knows. But what I think feels certain is that Rachel Zegler won’t be the last celebrity to show up at a performance, and I'm excited to see what other celebs make their way to a venue to rock out.