Rachel Marie DeSimone Discusses When You Need to Enlist the Help of a Real Estate Attorney

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Rachel Marie DeSimone recently discussed when you should hire a real estate attorney.

BONITA SPRINGS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2021 / A real estate attorney may feel like an unnecessary expense when selling or purchasing a home. Some states require the use of a real estate attorney; however, others do not, and this can make the need for such services seem nonessential. Rachel Marie DeSimone is a legal assistant with a long career in real estate law, and she recently discussed when you should truly consider hiring a real estate attorney.

"There's a reason many states require the use of a real estate attorney when making real estate transactions," Rachel DeSimone said. "That's because real estate attorneys are highly experienced in making such transactions. They can help solve disputes and perform other essential tasks, like preparing and managing mortgages, closing documents, titles, and more.

Ms. DeSimone explained that there are several instances in which you'll want to hire a real estate attorney, even if your real estate agent recommends against it. DeSimone explained that it is not uncommon for a real estate agent to recommend against a real estate attorney because they have their own financial interests in mind.

"Always use a real estate attorney when working in commercial real estate," Rachel DeSimone said. "Commercial real estate transactions are costly, risky, and complicated."

Rachel DeSimone added that commercial transactions often involve large sums of money. A qualified real estate attorney can help you avoid losing a lot of money in the process of making the transaction. Real estate attorneys are available to advise buyers on liens, zoning issues, structural issues, and so much more.

"A real estate attorney can be especially helpful if disputes arise during the process of making a real estate transaction," Ms. DeSimone said. "It's not uncommon for misrepresentations to be made in the sale of a property. A real estate attorney will review your documents and amend them if needed. This ensures the transaction is fair and understood by both parties."

Rachel DeSimone finished by stating she recommends the use of a real estate attorney whenever a real estate transaction is complex. Examples of complex transactions include those involving issues with titles, mineral rights, disclosure, and more. A real estate transaction that is handled incorrectly can lead to years of issues and countless unnecessary dollars spent for the buyer.

"It's important that you don't settle for something unfair or less than you expected when making a real estate transaction," Rachel DeSimone said. "Real estate attorneys are here to help."

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