Rachel Leviss Reveals Tom Sandoval’s Master Plan To Reveal Their Relationship

Rachel Leviss
Photo By: River Callaway/Variety via Getty Images
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More secrets are coming out on the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast. The Vanderpump Rules alum most recently revealed how her ex-lover, Tom Sandoval, planned to court public opinion and reveal the months long affair.

Rachel Leviss explained how Sandoval was concerned about how they would be received. Public opinion was very much in favor of Ariana Madix, and her nearly decade-long relationship with Sandoval. So, what was he planning to do?

Tom figured that the public would have “to accept” their affair

During the January 25 episode of Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, the Pump Rules alum shared how Sandoval planned their big reveal.

“He was saying, ‘Look, people hated Ariana in the beginning, and then they realized we were sticking together,’” she explained. “We weren’t going anywhere and so they had to accept it and they ended up loving her and it could be the same for us.”

Sandoval and Ariana started dating in 2014. And the timeline between that occurrence and his breaking up with Kristen Doute was a short one. Unclear at best. Public opinion was harsh toward them in the beginning.

“I think in his mind, he’s gotten away with it before [so] he could get away with it again,” Rachel said. She continued: “I think I was just naïve and wishful thinking that this could work out the way I wanted it to because ultimately at that time I did want to be with him. I was hoping for the best I guess.”

Rachel wanted to come clean, but Sandoval didn’t

Tom Sandoval for Vanderpump Rules Season 11
Photo Credit: Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo

To her credit, Rachel wanted to come clean, but Sandoval pushed back.

She claimed, “I was like, ‘We need to tell Ariana before the reunion. We can’t go into the reunion with her not knowing.’ Because I [felt] like that just really really wouldn’t be fair [to] her, The one thing that we got hung up on, he did not want her to know when it first started and I don’t see the point in lying about those things because isn’t it much better to just be upfront and honest and tell the truth?”

“I told Tom, ‘Maybe I should tell Ariana,’ and he was like, ‘No no no no no. You’re not going to tell Ariana.’ OK, then you’re going to tell Ariana,” Rachel continued. “I was waiting on him to tell her. It was my duty to tell her, yes, I know that. But I felt like it was his responsibility with him being in that relationship with him to tell her and break up with her.”

Indeed, there is no mention of when Sandoval was going to implement his brilliant plan. He famously ignored Tom Schwartz’s advice to come clean early on in the affair as well.

Since the reunion, Sandoval went on to film Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules with the rest of the cast. Rachel quit the show, opting to work on her mental health, and herself, instead.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 premieres Tuesday, January 30 at 8/7c on Bravo.


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