R-Truth Provides Injury Update Via Social Media: 'I'll Be Back Before Y'all Know It'

Arguably the funniest WWE Superstar in the company's history, R-Truth, unfortunately, confirmed via Twitter that he tore his quad, which required surgery yesterday morning. The surgery was a success and Truth took to social media again where he was still his usual joking self and said he hopes to be back in six to nine months.

"Hey, hey, hey! What's up? First off, I want to thank each and every one of y'all for your concerns and your get-wells, your prayers, your support. Yes, unfortunately, I got hurt. I did tear my quad and I'm at the surgery now as we speak. It is what it is, right? Y'all know I'll be back. I wanna thank you. Without you, there ain't no me. I'll be back before y'all know it," Truth said cheerfully on his Instagram.

WWE's Rhea Ripley
WWE's Rhea Ripley

A few hours later, he posted another photo, captioned, “I really really appreciate the support and love I'm receiving from all of you!! I can’t say thank you enough. Surgery went well, stay tuned.”

The 50-year-old veteran made his first appearance on NXT two weeks ago by confronting Grayson Waller. Last week, the two finally faced off, but the match ended short when R-Truth attempted to flip over the top rope to the outside and landed awkwardly on the ground. The match was stopped at that point due to injury.

The WWE Universe seems overjoyed to have R-Truth back on television. The 53-time 24/7 Champion is one of the best comedy acts in the business and can pretty much say or do whatever he pleases without losing any credibility. Whether it’s thinking he’s in a match that he’s absolutely not in, or coming out to the ring because The Miz needs to “tell the truth,” R-Truth is a national treasure that should be protected at all costs.

You can relive R-Truth’s career on the WWE Network on Peacock where he’s done everything from winning the United States Championship to mistaking the Royal Rumble for a ladder match.