R-Truth: I Like Being Funny, The WWE 24/7 Title Was My Playground At The Time

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One of the most talked about champions and championship runs in recent times was R-Truth and his several reigns as the 24/7 Champion. Recently, the 54-time 24/7 Champion opened up about his run with the now-retired title.

The former WWE United States Champion was a special guest on the Busted Open Radio podcast. During the episode, R-Truth shared the story about how things came to fruition with regard to the 24/7 Championship.

“They gave me a call. Actually no. Before Dana Brooke Bobby Roode had it [the 24/7 Championship]. And they called me and said, ‘Hey they want you to go down to SmackDown…’ No. I was on SmackDown as a matter of fact. ‘They want you to go to Raw and do a backstage promo.’ didn’t tell me what it was. When I got to Raw, I saw Mick pull that thing out of the bag like that right? And everybody said that thing was ugly though. Everybody thought that it was ugly. Nobody even liked it. It had a different look. We’re gonna say that. It just looked different.”

R-Truth claims the 24/7 Championship storyline was his playground

While speaking on the same episode, the 54-time 24/7 Champion was happy that he was given the opportunity and both he and the writers were hitting home runs.

“So I think, just with the antics of the… The first night I won it, it just went up man. It was just crazy me being rude for it… I like laughing. I like being funny. And you all give me an opportunity to make things funny… That was just my playground at that moment. And all the things myself and the writers was coming up with was just like, we just hitting home runs. Johnny as well man, the Tarmac thing man that was Johnny’s idea. We were in the plane man, 30,000 feet in the air. All that stuff, that was Johnny’s idea. There was no rules when it came to the 24/7 title man. If it was rules, we broke ‘em all. And I think people were just loving that.”

Would you like to see the 24/7 title make a return?

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