R. Kelly’s Victim Breaks Her Silence After Singer’s Guilty Verdict

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A victim of R.Kelly’s alleged horrendous crimes is breaking her silence after the singer was found guilty of child pornography charges.

R. Kelly’s Victim Speaks Out Following Guilty Verdict


The victim who is going by "Jane" or "Jane Doe" issued a statement to The Blast, saying she is happy with how things have gone down with R.Kelly’s trial.

“Jane is pleased with the result and grateful to the jury for convicting R. Kelly. This verdict is twenty years in the making,” shared her lawyer Christopher Brown, Esq. of Brown & Rosen LLC.

Adding, “Nothing will restore Jane’s childhood or the dignity that R Kelly stole from her. He has forever damaged Jane’s life in an unimaginable fashion. R. Kelly was finally held accountable for his actions. Justice was served.”

As for the victim, she is at peace and staying close to her family. “Presently Jane is with her family and taking some time to process the pain that has played out in the media for the last month.”

R.Kelly Is Finally Being Brought To Justice


Janes's attorney is correct in saying “finally” the R&B singer is being held accountable, the accusations brought against Kelly have been decades in the making and date back to an embarrassing about of time. Back in 2008, he went on trial for a video that surfaced of him performing an act of bodily function on an underage girl. At the time, the trial was mocked and made a part of popular culture. 

Skits about it appeared on popular late-night comedy shows like The Dave Chapelle Show, and adult animation like The Boondocks. Kelly was quick to deny his wrongdoing and still had the freedom to be out and about while on trial. This time around it was different.

R.Kelly’s Latest Guilty Verdict Is Just Beginning

R. Kelly

After the verdict was dropped Kelly’s lawyer talked a big game about the “Fiesta” singer’s disappointment. “Mr. Kelly is used to bad news,” said attorney Jennifer Bonjean. Pointing out that, “he’s still got many fights to fight.”

However, he’s in good spirits about this case. “He did say that he had a sense of relief that this particular case was in the past now.” We guess that’s a good thing. Besides, Kelly’s bad news train started way before this trial.

Two months ago the singer was also slapped with 30 years in June for racketeering and sex trafficking. So far he will be 80 by the time he gets the chance to be eligible for parole. 

What’s Next For R.Kelly's Criminal Cases?

R. Kelly is seen at the Daley Center in Chicago for a child support hearing on March 13, 2019

After this Chicago trial, Kelly is off to Minnesota where he faces more charges involving child pornography, coercion, and so on and so on. There is no way this guy is getting out of any of this now that the ball is rolling. 

Prosecutors have spent a lot of time on the fact that R.Kelly set up his life and the people in his life to make things convenient for him; they see this as manipulative and borderline narcissistic. His coercion led his camp to believe they needed to do anything to keep him happy. 

According to prosecutors, “What R. Kelly wanted was to have sex with young girls.”

Thankfully, the victims will soon (and if they want to) have their time to speak including “Jane”.

“When the time is right, Jane will address the public. Today is not that day," Jane's attorney concluded.