R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage: He Kept Me ‘Locked Up Like Some Damn Animal’

Joycelyn Savage, one of R. Kelly’s girlfriends, claimed on Sunday that her relationship with the disgraced singer became so “abusive” and “controlling,” he once choked her until she blacked out after she forgot to use the “two names I was forced to call him.” She also claimed that Kelly forced her to have abortions twice that took place at his compound so “news would not break out.”

Savage, the 24-year-old who has been living with Kelly for the last four years, revealed in her second “chapter” on the paid membership platform Patreon that her relationship took a sinister turn soon after she moved into his home and was isolated from her friends and family. Kelly, who is currently incarcerated in a Chicago jail, is facing sex crime charges in two states.

“I kept thinking to myself he just wants me to be safe, he wants the best for me he thinks someone is going to take me away from him,” Savage said on Sunday. “But it was me being delusional why would someone claim to love keep me locked up like some damn animal.”

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Shannon Stapleton/Reuters
Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

In her first Patreon post on Saturday, Savage said she met Kelly in 2015 at a concert, when she was 17. Soon after she dropped out of college and moved into Kelly's home, where she became a victim to his “controlling behavior,” which included “commands” to call him “Master” or “Daddy” and threats to ruin her music career prospects if she expressed her concerns about leaving.

Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, Greenberg and Savage did not immediately respond to The Daily Beast’s requests for comment on Sunday.

Greenberg responded to Savage’s claims in a statement to Variety on Saturday, stating it is “unfortunate” that the 24-year-old “seeks to make money by exploiting her long time, loving relationship with Robert.”

“Obviously if she were to tell the truth no one would pay so she has, unfortunately, chosen to regurgitate the stories and lies told by others for her own personal profit,” Greenberg added.

“We know the real facts, and it was not until the money ran out that she decided anything was wrong. Hopefully people will see it for the obvious profiteering it is.”

In the post Sunday, 24-year-old said the one time she forgot to call Kelly by his preferred names and mistakingly called him babe. He “grabbed me and choked me until I blacked out,” she said.

“I had bruises around my neck, and I was told by him to wear a turtle necks or a scarf to cover them up whenever he would take me out in public,” she said. “I was frightened to tell anyone about this because of what he may do next.”

Savage said the continued abuse and isolation made her “slipped into a depression”—especially when she was forced to stay in her bedroom while Kelly “would bring different girls home that stayed just like me, and they were definitely younger than me.”

“I couldn’t talk to any of them until it was my time I had to wait in my room until rob was ready for me or his assistant will come in get me,” she said. I was forced to come out of my room some days I didn’t feel like being Roberts cum rag or punching bag.”

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In another post on Sunday, Savage said Kelly would micro-manage every aspect of her day—including when she could take a shower and disallow her from basic feminine hygiene.

“The only time he would care for me is when the media is making him seem bad and saying that I was kept for a hostage,” she said, noting the TMZ videos over the years of her defending Kelly were staged for damage control.

Savage also discussed her sexual relationship with Kelly and how the singer would often pee on her and other girls despite their protests. In 2016, she said she heard rumors Kelly had contracted herpes and tried to use condoms to “protect” herself and prevent a “pregnant by this monster.”

The 24-year-old said she ended up getting pregnant twice—once in 2016 and again two years later—but was forced both times to get an abortion at Kelly's compound.

“I never had surgery done in my life so that was really shocking and a scary moment for me,” she said. “ He didn’t want me going to the hospital because the news would break out.”

Kelly has denied any allegations of sexual misconduct in the past. He pleaded not guilty to several charges in Chicago including kidnapping and sexual exploration, along with a charge of aggregated sexual assault in New York.

After a two-year hiatus from social media, Savage announced on Instagram this week that she would be posting “daily chapters” to reveal details “that was sweared [sic] not to see the day light—by DNA. I am risking my life for many others.” Her comments differ from her March CBS This Morning interview, where she defended Kelly about the numerous abuse accusations leveled against him.

In her interview, Savage insisted allegations against her boyfriend were false and “our parents are basically out here just to get money and scam because they didn’t agree on what happened with music, or whatever it could be and they’re just very upset.”

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