'It Was Quite A Nasty Shock': Florence Pugh Gets Honest About Her Viral Dune Chain Mail Look, But Explains Why It Was Horrible To Wear On Set

 Florence Pugh starring as Princess Irulanin Dune: Part 2 .
Florence Pugh starring as Princess Irulanin Dune: Part 2 .
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Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part Two has captivated audiences worldwide, bringing in terrific box office numbers. The sequel has been called a "masterpiece" by a number of pundits and fans, and even CinemaBlend's own Part Two review hailed it as "blockbuster perfection." Among the film's highlights, the wardrobe choices have drawn particular acclaim, especially Florence Pugh's Princess Irulan and her stunning chainmail attire. While it's visually spectacular, Pugh is now revealing that wearing the costume was far from comfortable, describing it as "quite a nasty shock."

The fan favorite actress participated in an interview that was shared on Capital FM’s official YouTube Channel. She and her fellow Dune: Part Two cast member, Zendaya, sat down to discuss their critically acclaimed film. Amid the illuminating chat, the Black Widow actress illuminates the physical toll that such costumes can exact, especially in the wee hours of the morning. She revealed the often-overlooked aspect of filming in such an audacious outfit, saying:

It was quite heavy. One of the things that people don't know about, though, is in the morning because obviously it's morning time and the temperature is cold.

Zendaya, seemingly intrigued, questioned whether Florence Pugh had worn anything beneath the heavy outfit to protect her from the cold. With that, Pugh candidly replied:

No, the metal is freezing. So, in the morning, when I'd come in at like five or six or whatever, whenever it was that we'd come in, it would be absolutely freezing, and it was quite a nasty, like, shock to the system.

This conversation, which you can see in full below, brings to light a rarely discussed facet of the film industry: the physical and emotional toll exacted by costume choices on actors. Zendaya suggested a potential solution, as she pondered if the costume department could pre-warm the outfit with a hairdryer. Though the Midsommar humbly replied that she doesn't like to be "that demanding."

This dedication to one's craft, despite the challenges, is something Florence Pugh is well-acquainted with, especially when it comes to high fashion. The Oppenheimer alum recently dazzled in a striking corset ensemble at the BAFTA Film Awards and a stunning look from Del Core's Spring 2024 collection to the Oscars. The outfit featured a glittering silver design with a silk skirt and corset bodice, adorned with a unique floating shoulder detail reminiscent of Emily Blunt's futuristic style. This highlights Pugh's familiarity and comfort with making bold fashion statements on-screen and off.

More recently, the Lady Macbeth veteran actress has traded in the chainmail for a tactical suit while filming an upcoming Marvel movie -- Thunderbolts, which we know a bit about. She recently excited fans with a video tour of the set, hinting at the action-packed events that awaiting audiences. One would hope that the fit she wears as Yelena Bolova is a lot less taxing than the chainmail. But, of course, with Dune 3 now in the cards, she may eventually find herself in another unorthodox costume.

Audiences can admire Florence Pugh's incredible fashion sense in Dune: Part Two, as it's still playing in theaters as part of the 2024 movie schedule.