Quidditch Champions Gameplay Leaks, WB Swiftly Takes it Down

Quidditch Champions Gameplay Leaks
Quidditch Champions Gameplay Leaks

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions with just a short teaser. More footage has been released online, but not officially, as someone has uploaded some Quidditch Champions gameplay from a limited playtest.

The Quidditch Champions leak gives the first glimpse at gameplay

This gameplay found its way onto sites like Reddit before being nuked shortly after. It’s been wiped on other sites, too, such as Vimeo, and Twitter making it currently almost impossible to track down. It’s a closed playtest, so this footage wasn’t meant to come out this way. Warner Bros. has moved swiftly to take down any trace of this multiplayer title, as the playtest came with an NDA. Even the mods on Quidditch Champions’ subreddit made a post explaining that leaked footage would no longer be allowed.

Regardless, the footage showed off the cartoonish art style and players playing a typical match of the magical sport, which has drawn comparisons to Rocket League. There’s also customization and the ability for players to pick a class.

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It’s unclear when Unbroken Studios will show more. It may be quite early, as Quidditch Champions has only been confirmed for PC and various unnamed consoles.

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