Quickie Review: ‘Notorious’ Is Laborious

A drama that tries hard to be a Shonda Rhimes/Scandal nighttime soap opera, Notorious is a lot of romantic heavy breathing and frenetic striding down corridors of power — in this case, a TV network and a law office. Covert Affairs’ Piper Perabo and Rescue Me’s Daniel Sunjata star as a cable news producer and attorney, respectively. They compete for media prominence, they bicker, they smooch, and they try — each in his or her own self-absorbed, careerist way — to help people.

Featuring unconvincing dialogue such as, “We’ve been promoting a big show all day — we need something big!” and “Hey boss lady, how do you like your meat?,” Notorious is otherwise instantly forgettable as soon as each scene is completed. May Perabo and Sunjata find better shows soon.

Notorious airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC. Watch clips and full episodes of Notorious for free on Yahoo View.