Questlove and Black Thought reenact ‘Bachelor’ drama

Questlove and Black Thought reenact ‘Bachelor’ drama

The Bachelor is back, which means glorious Bachelor recaps are back as well. Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show crew have a particularly inventive way of recapping the show’s most dramatic moments: Getting members of The Roots to reenact dramatic scenes with actual dialogue from the contestants.

On Tuesday night, Questlove took on the role of Taylor, while Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter impersonated Corinne. Together, they played a scene in which Taylor and Corinne confront each other over some earlier drama.

“Do you have a problem with any of this?” Trotter’s Corinne asked.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Questlove’s Taylor responded. “Oh, are you talking about when you came into my time with Nick?”

“Yeah, and then you re-came and got your time back!” Corinne said.

“I wanted more because I was really happy with it!”Taylor said.

They get better at this every time. Watch the clip above.