Quentin Tarantino's Movie Theater Gets Protection Over 'Once Upon a Time' Threat

Quentin Tarantino was allegedly being stalked by a deranged man upset he was banned from the director's historic theater.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, the manager at New Beverly Cinema obtained a restraining order against a man who threatened violence upon theater goers.

New Beverly Cinema was purchased by Tarantino back in 2007 and regularly runs special screenings of his films. It's also set for a big premiere of "Once Upon a Time In Hollywood" over the weekend of July 25.

According to the documents, the man was initially banned from New Beverly for inappropriate behavior toward female patrons, which he followed up with an online shooting threat.

The documents include text messages and online postings which appear to show the man make a threat that "all Millennials should be mass murdered."

He then made a threat that people should stay away from New Beverly on July 25, and that he would commit a violent act that would make him famous.

Furthermore, the man referenced "Charles Manson" throughout his threats, and even attempted to track down Tarantino to discuss his banning.

The theater's manager claims the man has obtained phone numbers of employees and also Tarantino's home address, and claims the man said attempted to "try and talk to Quentin in person."

In response, the theater has contacted LAPD, who referred the case to their Threat Management Unit.

Officers are investigating, but it appears the man has gone "underground" in an attempt to not be located by authorities.

The restraining order was granted and lists several employees as protected persons. However, Tarantino is not one of the protected parties.

Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" will premiere in a few weeks and is currently tracking for a $30 million opening weekend.

The film, starring Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie, has also been rumored to be Tarantino's last.