Quentin Tarantino’s Favorite Movies: 40 Films the Director Wants You to See

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[Editor’s note: The following list was originally published in May 2019 but has been updated accordingly.]

To say that few filmmakers love movies as much as Quentin Tarantino does is an understatement. Few people love movies as Quentin Tarantino does. The video store clerk-turned-director has spent decades dazzling interviewers with his unparalleled knowledge of cinema history, with tastes that range from universally acclaimed classics to obscure lowbrow fare. While his love of spaghetti westerns and exploitation flicks has always been well documented, Tarantino isn’t afraid to embrace more mainstream fare either. The man simply loves cinema, and if a film entertains him, he’s going to tell the world about it.

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Tarantino and his “Pulp Fiction” co-writer Roger Avary recently launched the Video Archives Podcast, which sees the duo revisiting many of the films they used to watch on VHS when they worked at the iconic video store together. That has given Tarantino a new outlet to share his opinions about movies, and the world is richer for it. Diving into Tarantino’s favorite movies is a wild journey, but one that will undeniably leave you with a more well-rounded knowledge of cinema. Keep reading for a roundup of 40 of his favorites.

Zack Sharf contributed to this article.

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