'Queer Eye' heads to Yass, Australia, for a tear-jerking bonus episode

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Remember a couple weeks ago when Queer Eye’s Fab 5 were in Australia? Well, now we know why! They were filming a bonus episode for their show, and Netflix just released it on YouTube.

This time, Tan, Antoni, Bobby, Karamo, and Jonathan headed to the town of Yass, Australia — and yas, that’s a real place.

Winery in the Yass area in Australia (Photo: Getty Images)
Winery in the Yass area in Australia (Photo: Getty Images)

In this episode, the guys are helping a local farmer named George, who was nominated by his son Levi. George is an ex-bull rider who has really put his all into his work. And as a result, he’s skimped on his personal life.

Now he’s making a promise to be more present with his loved ones. But there is one thing that’s been standing in his way, his dead tooth. Jonathan has a solution. He enthuses that they are going “to get that gorgeous tooth dealt with.”

George’s big reveal occurs at a local pub that Bobby and Antoni also made over during this bonus episode, telling the guys that he “feels really good.” The reveal is not the only moving moment, George goes on to tell his son Levi just how proud he is, telling him, “You inspire me.”

And even in the short time the Fab 5 spent with George, his outlook on life has changed. “Family is everything,” he says. “You have to have time to spend with your family, otherwise all of the work means nothing.”

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