What a queen wants: Christina Aguilera surprises cast on 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 10 premiere

When RuPaul announced on Thursday’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 premiere that a mystery queen would be returning to the competition, RDPR fans (still reeling from last week’s controversial All-Stars 3 finale, in which many thought Shangela was totally robbed) might’ve thought the Pit Crew was about to wheel out another oversized novelty gift box containing the avenging Shangela herself. But instead, Ru puzzlingly explained that Farrah Moan, an eighth-place contestant from last season, was getting another shot.

Or was she? In the best surprise Ruveal in herstory — or at least since Lady Gaga ambushed the Season 9 queens in Gaga-impersonator drag — Gaga’s “Do What U Want” duet partner, Christina Aguilera, emerged resplendent in flawless Farrah Moan drag, right down to the snatchable cotton-candy-pink wig.

What made this stunt so totally sickening? It was a nod to a hilarious incident when a fashion blogger mistook a photo of Farrah at DragCon 2017 for Aguilera at the Met Gala. Farrah, who’s been known to perform to Xtina songs, was understandably flattered and thrilled — but this was a major compliment for Aguilera as well, since Farrah is one of the prettiest, fishiest queens to ever sashay down the Drag Race runway.

(Side note: Why didn’t Farrah do Xtina on “Snatch Game”? In fact, why hasn’t any contestant ever done Xtina on “Snatch Game”?)

Farrah reacted immediately, seeming as shocked by Xtina’s Farrah Moan realness as everyone else on Twitter.

Anyway, Aguilera was clearly living her very best life as she took on guest-judging duties this week — I never saw her look this happy when she was sitting in one of the Voice chairs! — especially when Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams and Vanessa Vanjie Mateo lip-synced for their lives to her Back to Basics hit “Ain’t No Other Man.” (Another side note: Kalorie and Vanessa’s performances were actually pretty basic. There’s no substitute for the real Xtina.)

Backstage on the Untucked aftershow, Aguilera — a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community (her 2002 video for “Beautiful” earned a GLAAD Media Award for its positive portrayals of gay and transgender people) — got serious with the contestants, offering them some sage advice about how to pursue their careers as they welcomed her to the “Drag Race family.”

“Just keep living,” she told them. “I am so in awe and inspired by everything I am seeing today. We have all come from some journey; I am sure we’ve all had a painful place or a struggle. I think that’s really relevant, and that’s a part of my music and a part of where I come from: Being taken advantage of created [my anthem] ‘Fighter.’ Growing up in this business at a young age, you could just imagine being around older men a lot and dishonest people, and it’s really hard. Once you do obtain a certain level of success, you can become jaded … but I think as long as you keep remembering who you are as a person, keep remembering the good around you, then nothing can stop you.”

Can I get an amen? Farrah Moan couldn’t have said it better herself.

My one complaint about Christina’s RuPaul’s Drag Race appearance is that I wish she’d been the inspiration for a fashion challenge — like Madonna in Seasons 8 and 9, or Gaga and the Village People last year. I would have gagged on the Xtina eleganza of Aquaria in “Not Myself Tonight” rhinestoned dominatrix-wear; the Vixen in a “Dirrty” thong and vinyl chaps; Dusty Ray Bottoms in a Dee Snider corkscrew wig and shredded velvet à la the 2001 Blockbuster Awards; Blair St. Clair in a “Candyman” USO uniform; or Eureka O’Hara, an actual returning queen from last season, strapping herself into Aguilera’s napkin-as-brassiere underboob look from the 2002 VMAs. Someone really needs to play Christina on “Snatch Game” eventually.

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