Quarantined Thor? Extreme 'Ragnarok' concept art reveals shaggiest Chris Hemsworth hero

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Chris Hemsworth's Thor had the edgiest, baddest haircut ever for 2017's "Thor: Ragnarok."

Some of the other hair options, that were rejected, were just bad, newly revealed concept art shows.

Andy Park, Marvel Studio's director of visual development, showed a trove of the previously unseen concept art on Instagram this week, including a very shaggy Thor.

"Quarantined Thor? Old Man Thor?" he wrote. "No, this is actually the most extreme concept version I came up with on how scruffy our Lord of Thunder could look like in 'Thor: Ragnarok.' "

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Park explained that director Taika Waititi wanted a full range of options for the different and "road-worn looking Thor." His attempt drilled down on the concept of a demi-god who "hasn’t groomed himself in some time."

"I knew it was too far," wrote Park. "But that’s what you gotta do in concept art."

Sometimes the director or producers need the out-there ideas to make sure they have chosen the right direction.

"Sometimes they surprise you & pick the one you thought was 'too far,' " Park wrote. "Thank God they didn’t pick this one." Agreed.

Park also showed another wild hair version, the completely shorn Thor.

"The other extreme end of the spectrum!" Park wrote.

The haircut imagined if Marvel co-creator Stan Lee "went even crazier with those knarly blades of his" for Thor.

Fortunately, Waititi wisely went for the correct Hemsworth cut. The rest is Marvel hair history.

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