Quantum Leap’s Raymond Lee and Caitlin Bassett React to NBC Cancellation — Read Their Statements

Quantum Leap stars Raymond Lee and Caitlin Bassett had nothing but good things to say about their time on the NBC drama, which has been cancelled after two seasons.

In response to news that the show is not returning for Season 3, Lee wrote on Instagram on Friday, “Just wanted to say a thank you to our QL fans and those who’ve tuned in. Your support was felt and always warmly received. You all have made it the ride of a lifetime.

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“We’re so proud of the show we made and more proud of the stories we got to tell. And selfishly, for me, I got to make some really awesome friends along the way,” he added. “If and when another group gets a hold of the accelerator and its capabilities, may they find us floating in time, still striving to put right what once went wrong.”

Bassett, meanwhile, called the show the ride of a lifetime. “So sorry to say… farewell leapers. Thank you so much for every moment of this amazing journey,” she said via Instagram. “And thank you @nbc and @universaltv for the ride of a lifetime. As the wonderful QL super-fan Matt Dale said — “be excellent to each other.”

The shortened, 13-episode Season 2 ended with a two-hour finale on Feb. 20 that revealed Ben’s new paramour Hannah (played by Eliza Taylor) had created a code to bring him home — the caveat being that someone would swap places with him. But things went awry when Addison, who ended her engagement with Tom (Peter Gadiot), voluntarily made the jump and wound up right alongside Ben in the past. (Read our finale post-mortem interview with the EPs.)

The finale also featured Georgina Reilly and Susan Diol reprising their roles as Janis and Beth Calavicci, respectively.

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