Quantum Leap’s Caitlin Bassett Teases Game-Changing Season 2 Finale: ‘We’re Stepping Even Bigger’

We’re inching towards the end of Quantum Leap’s sophomore run, and things are really coming together.

Ian is closer than they’ve ever been to figuring out how to bring Ben home — though it might take years to sift through all that data from Tom’s file — Ben is in love with Hannah, and Addison and Tom are now engaged.

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Plus, Addison and Hannah have been bonding more and more with each leap, which is a trend that Caitlin Bassett, who plays Addison, says will continue in the coming episodes.

“Addison and Hannah have big parts to play,” the actress tells TVLine. “Without all of these characters, the end of this season wouldn’t be possible, and the end of this season is the coolest thing. Essentially, the journey all of them go on changes the show again, and we get to see what Season 3 would be like at the end of Season 2, and how much bigger it can be.”

The NBC drama will close out Season 2 with a two-hour finale on Tuesday, Feb. 20, starting at 9/8c. If we’re going by the Season 1 ender, which saw Ben make what was supposed to be the leap home and instead resulted in him disappearing for three years, the upcoming finale will have game-changing consequences.

“It’s like how Season 2 is a new chapter of the same show, and it’s almost completely different than Season 1,” Bassett teases. “That’s happening again but we’re stepping even bigger, which is so exciting. The tone of it is an adventure of a lifetime, and I think that’s the tone of the whole season.”

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