The QAnon Shaman Is Out of Prison and Hawking Merch

Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Rally In DC Amid Ratification Of Presidential Election - Credit: Brent Stirton/Getty Images

The QAnon Shaman is free — and unapologetically looking to make bank off his insurrection experience.

Jacob Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli or the “QAnon Shaman,” was released from federal prison on Thursday, May 25 after raiding the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. The 35-year-old pleaded guilty to the charge of obstruction of an official proceeding and was originally sentenced to 41 months in prison back in November 2021.

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Famous for the painted face, horned hat, and fur that propelled him into the national spotlight as one of the most known faces from the Capitol attack, Chansley showed up to the Arizona State Capitol in his full get up the same day he was released. He also made a public appearance Sunday at a Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to the Arizona Republic, Chansley told his crowd of supporters to visit his website where he’s selling merchandise including flags, hats, T-shirts, mugs, water bottles, aprons, and other apparel. Fans and believers of Chansley can also book one-on-one consultations and sessions with him. The Republic reported the website lists the consultations for $500. A Rolling Stone inquiry about a session was not immediately returned.

Chansley also made his return to Twitter on Tuesday. In a video posted to Twitter, he said he’s learned “the power of peace” and “having an unshakeable internal peace is by far the most powerful tool that we have at our immediate disposal.” He also said he’s “forgiven my captors.”

“There are many, many people who would be outraged if what happened to me happened to them,” he went on to say. “However, outrage and anger only cloud our judgment and prevent us from seeing the very real solutions which stare us in the face.”

The Jan. 6 Capitol attack was an attempt to subvert U.S. Democracy by stopping the certification of Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump, a president attempting to cling to power despite having lost the 2020 election.

Correction: This article previously named a church where Chansley was said to have appeared. The event was held in an adjacent facility and was not connected with the church.

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