'Can I put my pants on?': CNN airs video of Trump DOJ lawyer being raided by DOJ

On Erin Burnett OutFront Thursday, CNN aired bodycam footage it had obtained of the early morning raid federal agents carried out on the home of former Department of Justice lawyer Jeffrey Clark. The raid occurred just over two weeks ago, and one day before former top DOJ officials testified to the January 6 Committee, tying Clark to former President Trump’s alleged plot to overturn the 2020 election.

Clark answered the door wearing only a button down shirt and boxers, only to find several federal agents outside his door. The agents explained that they had a warrant and asked him to step outside so they could clear the house.

Clark first asked if he could call his lawyer. Next he asked, “Can I put pants on first?”

“Sir, we gotta clear the house,” one agent responded. Another added, “We’re gonna clear the house, and as soon as we clear the house we’ll get you talking to your lawyer and we’ll get some pants on, okay?”

Agents offered to let Clark stand behind his car so neighbors couldn’t see him while they cleared the house, but could not let him wait in the garage as he’d requested.

Video Transcript

- Can you step outside for me? These are the search warrants, and we need to speak to you guys. Can I get you to step outside for me?

JEFFREY CLARK: Can I call my lawyer?

- Sure. Come on outside here.

JEFFREY CLARK: Can I put clothes on?

- Yes. Let's step outside and we'll--

- Just real quick. We got to clear the house, make sure it's safe.

KYLIE MAR: On Erin Burnett OutFront Thursday, CNN aired footage it had obtained of the moment federal agents carried out a raid on the home of former Department of Justice lawyer Jeffrey Clark. He is accused of attempting to aid former President Trump in his alleged attempt to overturn the 2020 election, including pushing top DOJ officials to send a letter-- Clark had drafted-- refuting the election results in Georgia. The raid appeared to, in a sense, catch Clark with his pants down.

- Go ahead and step on out here for me.

- Come on this way.

JEFFREY CLARK: What-- can I put pants on first?

- Sir, please, step outside.

- We got to clear the house.

- Please step outside.

- We're going to clear the house, and as soon as we clear the house we'll get you talk to your lawyer and we'll get some pants on, OK?

JEFFREY CLARK: Can I open the garage and stand in the garage?

- It's a search warrant. Please, step outside now.

- It's a search warrant. Just come on right over here for me, please.

- Stand behind the cars and we'll see--

KYLIE MAR: The raid occurred at the same time the Justice Department stepped up its investigation into the fake electors scheme. And it appears it may have gathered a plethora of information.

ERIN BURNETT: CNN obtained a copy of police reports, which indicate officials seized a number of electronic devices from Clark during that early morning raid. Officers also dispatched an electronic-sniffing dog to search Clark's house. The news coming as we're learning the DOJ's investigation appears to be picking up steam.