Pump Rules’ Lala Kent Clarifies Why She ‘Got Annoyed’ With Raquel Leviss’ Behavior After Scandal

Lala Kent Clarifies Why Is 'Annoyed With Raquel Leviss Behavior Post Drama
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Lala Kent set the record straight after Vanderpump Rules fans questioned her anger toward Raquel Leviss — but not Tom Sandoval.

During her Amazon Live, which started streaming on Monday, September 25, Kent, 33, clarified her initial reaction to Leviss, 29, announcing earlier this month that she virtually cut Sandoval out of her life.

"I wasn't upset that Raquel blocked Sandoval. Block him, I don't care. My whole thing was, you've made it known that you want to remove yourself from this world and then you post it on social media to 600 plus thousand people," Kent explained. "That's where I got annoyed."

Kent issued a word of advice specifically to Leviss, adding, "You want to remove yourself, remove yourself. Or just be open and be like, 'I want to remove myself, but I still kind of like attention so I blocked him.'"

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The Give Them Lala author received online backlash when she initially called out Leviss for publicly acknowledging Sandoval, 41. Leviss and Sandoval made headlines in March after news broke of their affair, which resulted in the TomTom co-owner's split from longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix.

As the drama continued to play out, Leviss attempted to remove herself from the narrative when she checked herself into a treatment center for mental health. She later confirmed she wouldn't return to the show for season 11.

The former beauty pageant queen has since slowly marked her return to social media. Earlier this month, she documented her trip to a field of flowers on Instagram, to which Sandoval replied, "Rachel, I really hope ur finding peace and happiness. Miss u friend.”

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Leviss, however, didn't appear thrilled by Sandoval's display of support. In response, she shared screenshots of Sandoval's blocked Instagram account. After Kent found out about the drama, she weighed in by questioning strictly Leviss' behavior.

"Well, I see the mental health facility really helped her. She has just come so far," Kent said about Leviss in a sarcastic tone. "She's just so removed from this world. You know I really tried, dude. Rachel, I really tried. And you are just beyond helpless. I don't know what's going on. I can't believe she blocked him. Like honey, we have moved on. That happened, like, 500 years ago. Right?"

Kent also asked why Leviss waited until after production wrapped to put distance between her and Sandoval. "If you had something to say, you should have strapped on your ovaries and you should have come on the show after you blew everyone's world up and you should have addressed it. But instead apparently all you learned from your time away is you get on social media," Kent added. "You don't know how to [face your issues in person]. Because you're a coward. And that's the dumbest thing I've heard all day."

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Sandoval, for his part, took issue with Leviss airing out their differences on a public platform.

“When somebody said she blocked [me], I was like ‘Oh, OK, whatever. Maybe her parents were going to dock her allowance this week or something,’ but to post that on her story is pretty childish," he told Variety on September 13. “I just wished her a happy birthday. I didn’t think she had a lot of people reach out to her, so I wanted to. I mean, if she’s working on herself, I think it’s a little immature — it’s a little thirsty — to post that.”