Puerto Rican Star Ozuna Talks Family, Music and FIFA as He Drops 'Ozutochi'

Ozuna Drops New Album Ozutochi
Ozuna Drops New Album Ozutochi

Courtesy Ozuna Ozuna

Puerto Rican star Ozuna is back with new music — and he's implementing the OG sounds fans know and love.

Over the weekend, the "Taki Taki" singer released his fifth studio album Ozutochi. To mark his release, the star spoke to PEOPLE about how he's bringing old Ozuna back, working on the official soundtrack of the FIFA World Cup and how he balances family life.

"It represents Ozuna from 2016 to 2015, but with a new sound," says the 30-year-old star, whose real name is Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado.

"It's a different vibe, but the same with the Ozuna reggaeton from the bottom. Songs like 'Mañana' have a good vibe, but 'Kotodama' has a party vibe. So it's a versatile album."

Ozuna Drops New Album Ozutochi
Ozuna Drops New Album Ozutochi

Courtesy Ozuna Ozuna

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The 18-track album features collaborations with J Balvin, Feid, Dany Ocean, Arcángel, Tini, Chencho Corleone, El Cherry, Tokischa and more — a direct result of working on the project around the world. The album follows Ozuna's collaborative 2021 album with Anuel AA titled Los Dioses and his 2020 album Enoc.

In "Somos Iguales," Ozuna samples Louchie Lou and Michie One's "Rich Girl" (no, Gwen Stefani did not do it first) with 26-year-old Dominican rapper Tokischa. Together, with Ozuna's touch of Afrobeats, reggaeton sounds and Tokischa's unique rapping, they created the party remix we didn't know we needed.

"Tokischa is so special. So special. For me she's the best creative from the Dominican Republic," he says.

Ozuna's track "Mañana" is his favorite for a number of reasons. The song — which is about a woman enjoying life after heartbreak — pays homage to one of the tracks that helped him reach international stardom with Klasico.

"It gives me the vibe from the 'Corazón de Seda,'" he says, referencing his 2016 hit track, which his producer reconstructed to create "Mañana." "It's the same, a history of love."

The album also features Ozuna's dance-worthy song "La Copa." The track serves as the 2022 FIFA World Cup's soundtrack — an opportunity he jumped on when it was presented to him.

The music video for the track was shot in Madrid, Spain, and Ozuna is seen parading around the streets greeting fans, playing soccer and eventually performing at a bar.

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And in case you were wondering, Ozuna will be watching the world cup. "My team is Argentina. So let's go!"

When Ozuna isn't working on music, he's spending time with his wife Taina and two elementary-school-aged kids: older daughter Sofia and younger son Jacob. And while the "Diles" singer often keeps his family life private, he does admit that balancing fatherhood and music gets difficult — much like going to school.

"For me it's hard, [like a] university. I call it university because I go to father class, one to get time with my wife and another class for my music," he says. "I feel so good when I get time with my wife, my kids — we play basketball and my kids go to school and everything."

He continues, "So it's not easy, but I feel very good and it comes from my high. It's my family. I love my family and getting to spend time with them."