Psychiatrist Says Man With Chronic Anxiety Could Be In A ‘Detox Situation’

Lisa says her boyfriend, Ted’s, chronic anxiety is negatively impacting their family, especially their 6-year-old son. She also admits to enabling him by doing almost everything for him to keep him from getting more “stressed.” “I do feel guilty at times because most of my attention is directed toward Ted and not our children,” Lisa says. Ted says his anxiety is so incapacitating that it has robbed him of almost all the joy in life. He admits to using alcohol as well as prescription medications to manage his illness. “You may not have full anxiety that you feel as anxiety,” says child and family psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy to Ted. “You could be in a detox situation between each drink or each pill - and you’re just chasing yourself.” Is there help for Ted and Lisa? Tune in to Thursday’s episode, ‘“Imprisoned by My Anxiety,”’ to hear what Dr. Sophy and Dr. Phil recommend. The new season of Dr. Phil starts Monday. Check your local listing for viewing times. WATCH: Man Says Incapacitating Anxiety Causes Him To ‘Catastrophize’ TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Life in crisis?