Prosecutors Accuse Alec Baldwin Of 'Lies and Manipulation' Ahead Of 'Rust' Trial

Alec Baldwin sits down with police for interview following Rust shooting
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Actor Alec Baldwin is still trying to get his "Rust" criminal trial thrown out before its scheduled July 9 start date.

The "30 Rock" actor is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. He faces up to 18 months behind bars and up to $5,000 in fines if convicted.

'Rust' Prosecutors Slam Alec Baldwin's Attempt To Get Trial Tossed

Alec Baldwin poses with gun and ammo in newly released Rust rehearsal video

Last month, Alec Baldwin's attorney filed a motion attempting to get the case dismissed before it goes to trial. He and armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed were both charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter in January 2023. However, charges were dropped without prejudice in April 2023, pending further investigation into the gun that Baldwin was holding on set on October 21, 2021.

After a forensics examination conducted by the FBI concluded that Baldwin had to have pulled the trigger for the gun to go off, something the actor has vehemently denied, charges were refiled in January 2024. In addition to pleading not guilty, his lawyers have called the refiled charges an "abuse of the system, and an abuse of an innocent person" as they attempt to get a judge to dismiss the charges.

'Rust' Prosecutors Want To Proceed To Trial

Alec Baldwin questioned by police after fatal Rust shooting

In response to the motion to drop the charges, lead prosecutor Kari Morrissey wrote, "To watch Mr. Baldwin’s conduct on the set of Rust is to witness a man who has absolutely no control of his own emotions and absolutely no concern for how his conduct effects those around him."

She also slammed the “false narrative” that she accused Baldwin of constructing since the day Halyna Hutchins died, adding, “Witnesses have testified that it was this exact conduct that contributed to safety compromises on set.” She is referring to the witnesses that testified against armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who found her guilty of involuntary manslaughter but acquitted her of a lesser charge of tampering with evidence.

Alec Baldwin's Plea Deal Was Withdrawn

Alec Baldwin sits down with police for interview following Rust shooting

In the last court filing, the public learned that Alec Baldwin had actually been offered a plea deal in October 2023, months before the charges were refiled. However, that offer was withdrawn before he and his legal team could accept or reject it.

In Morrissey's latest 32-page filing, she used similar language to the probation agreement accepted by "Rust" first assistant director David Halls, who had been charged with the negligent use of a firearm. In this filing, Morrissey wrote:

"As disturbing this information was, undersigned counsel was not inclined to rescind the plea offer simply because Mr. Baldwin intended to continue to use the media to escape the consequences of his actions and his counsel had flagrantly disregarded the privileged and confidential nature of plea negotiations. Next, undersigned counsel received information that Mr. Baldwin commissioned his own documentary about the death of the woman he killed and was actively pressuring material witnesses in the case against him to submit to interviews for his documentary. It was at this point that the plea offer was rescinded, and the case was scheduled for grand jury. And still Mr. Baldwin complains to this Court that he has been treated unfairly."

'Rust' Prosecutors Accuse Alec Baldwin Of 'Misrepresentation of the Facts'

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Morrissey goes on the call Baldwin's "motion to dismiss is a predictably false, misleading, and histrionic misrepresentation of the facts and circumstances of the history of the case," going on to say thatTthet"two special prosecutors who have been assigned the prosecution of Mr. Baldwin have experienced near countless lies and manipulation from the defense for more than one year."

The filing also goes on the name all eight of Baldwin's attorneys: "Heather LeBlanc (local counsel who, despite her reputation for hard work and competence, has been relegated to largely menial tasks), Alex Spiro (New York), Luke Nikas (New York), John Bash (Texas), Sara Clark (Texas), Michael Nosanchuk (New York) Jennifer Stern (New York) and Stephanie Kelemen (New York)."

Prosecutors Continue To Seek Justice For Halyna Hutchins

Alec Baldwin sued by family of shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

Morrissey goes on to say that the role of the prosecution is "to ensure that the case is not heard on its merits, and if it is heard on its merits, to discredit the prosecution, investigation, and witnesses in the media so that a conviction becomes unlikely for reasons that have nothing to do with Mr. Baldwin’s criminal culpability."

The filing goes on to say, "It is the job of the special prosecutors to investigate the case and fairly and impartially prosecute the case and we will continue to do so despite the defendant’s relentless attempts to discredit and intimidate the prosecution and the courageous witnesses who continue to participate in the struggle for justice for Halyna Hutchins and her family."

News of the prosecution's response was first reported by Deadline.