PROGRESS Co-Owner Comments On End Of Contract With WWE

PROGRESS Co-Owner Comments On End Of Contract With WWE
PROGRESS Co-Owner Comments On End Of Contract With WWE

PROGRESS Wrestling co-owner Martyn Best comments on the end of the company’s contract with WWE.

In recent years, PROGRESS events have aired on WWE Network as part of a partnership between the companies. Earlier this month, PROGRESS confirmed that the contract was over after reports indicated that WWE was discontinuing independent content on the streaming platform.

Speaking with Lee Tarrier of, Best discussed the end of the situation; when asked what caused the end of the partnership, he emphasized that the contract between the sides had been completed. He acknowledged the changes WWE is facing and emphasuized that PROGRESS views the change as an opportunity, given the number of options that are available to them.

“In very pure terms, our contract with WWE had been completed, so in that sense, nothing caused a change – just a straightforward completion of that contract,” Best said.  Of course, I’m not so naive not to be aware that there are wider matters at play, and I’d say there are two perspectives. Huge respect for WWE, and they are clearly facing some change. While I’m curious and watch with interest, I’m not going to be so rash as to speculate how the next few months will play out. For us, a contract ended, but not the relationship.

“I can guess that not having indie content on the network may make any future discussions of whatever digital media review has been referred to a little simpler. From the perspective of Lee and I, we now have a fresh set of options ahead of us. That WWE contract was agreed over six years ago by people no longer associated with the company, and the digital media landscape has changed dramatically, as has the wrestling scene, so we have some exciting opportunities ahead of us.”

Best stated that the company had a “pretty positive” relationship with WWE, and one positive aspect of the change is that PROGRESS will be able to air its shows a little sooner than they were broadcast on the WWE Network

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