Pro Skater Nyjah Huston Cops Plea In Felony Battery Case

Professional skateboarder, Nyjah Huston just got a major break in his felony battery case and will not have to spend anytime behind bars.

Huston was present in an L.A. courtroom on Wednesday when he plead no contest to one misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace, and prosecutors agreed to dismiss the felony battery charge.

He will avoid any time in jail, and instead was sentenced to 24 months probation.


Nyjah Huston's Alleged Battery Victim's Injuries Seen for First Time as Olympic Skateboarder Prepares for Criminal Trial

Huston was arrested back in 2017 after allegedly attacking Ryan Sheehy at a house party. The Blast obtained photos of Ryan Sheehy taken the night of February 11, 2017, moments after he was allegedly attacked by Huston. Sources close to the situation told us the attack was unprovoked, and Huston allegedly fled the party shortly after. Huston was charged with felony battery.

Huston was facing serious jail time if convicted of felony battery in which serious bodily injury occurred.

Huston was served with a criminal protective order stating he must stay away from the victim in this case - Ryan Sheehy. The judge set a restitution hearing scheduled next month. If Huston and Sheehy come to an agreement outside of court, the restitution hearing will be dismissed.

Ryan Sheehy has also filed a lawsuit against the pro skateboarder after the alleged attack at the February 2017 house party and stated that he was "forced him to undergo reconstructive surgery".

In the lawsuit, Sheehy stating he "suffered a broken nose and a cut above his left eye" leading to "noticeable disfigurement." He said the injuries caused "immense pain" and caused him miss work. Sheehy is seeking unspecifed damages, but Nyjah Huston could be on the hook for a significant amount considering the alleged claims and damages.

After the incident, Huston released a statement claiming his actions were self-defense.

"My actions were a result of someone acting in an aggressive manner towards me and solely defensive in nature," the skateboarder said, adding, "I have the utmost faith in the process and believe that I will be fully exonerated as the truth emerges."

Good thing Huston avoided jail time for this case because he was recently named as one of the athletes for the first-ever USA skateboarding team to be competing at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.