A private chef who uses expensive grocery items went viral on TikTok for using Erewhon ingredients to make an ice cream sundae that cost nearly $1,000

@chefbae TikTok Chef Brooke Baevsky makes ice cream sundae with Erewhon ingredients
TikTok chef Brooke Baevsky, known as @chefbae, used nearly $1,000 worth of Erewhon ingredients to make an ice cream sundae.@chefbae/TikTok
  • Brooke Baevsky, @chefbae, is a private chef who makes recipes on TikTok using Erewhon ingredients.

  • On Friday, Baevsky posted a TikTok making an Erewhon ice cream sundae that cost almost $1,000.

  • The two-part viral TikTok series has over 1.6 million views as of Saturday.

Private chef Brooke Baevsky has gone viral once again for her TikTok series where she makes recipes with ingredients from Erewhon, a luxury health-food store in California.

Baevsky has over 224,000 TikTok followers and makes lifestyle content as a private chef in Los Angeles.

Baevsky posted a two-part TikTok on Friday that has over 1.6 million views as of Saturday, documenting the steps she took to make an ice cream sundae using ingredients from Erewhon. According to Baevsky's video, the ingredients totaled $956.15.


In part one the influencer showed niche health-food items like a $59.99 chaga mushroom powder and a daily greens supplement that retails for $89.99 at Erewhon.

In the middle of shopping, Baevsky ran into fans who noted that they "love her $200 peanut butter and jelly" recipe. Some TikTok users in the comments didn't share the same sentiment.

"This could pay for my college tuition," a TikTok user commented on Baevsky's video. Another user added, "I'll just keep working 40+ hours a week to barely scrape. Not me holding two treats in my hand trying to decide which one I should put back."


Part two of Baevsky's Erewhon ice cream sundae recipe showed the private chef making the dish. First, Baevsky baked a brownie using organic mushroom powder, as well as "very necessary chlorophyll drops," and organic unsweetened apple sauce in the recipe.

Baevsky also made her own strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, and sprouted salted caramel almond butter sauce to drizzle on top of the sundae. She also\ included a $9.99 Holi Scoop ice cream as its base.

For toppings, chef Baevsky added whipped cream, keto donuts, organic sprinkles, black caviar, and 24-karat gold flakes.

"But if you don't have these gold flakes, it's not a big deal, 18-karat gold works just as well," Baevsky joked in the TikTok.


In February, Baevsky announced that her collaboration with Erewhon market will be available February 26 at the Beverly Hill's location. Items will include a carrot cake cupcake and a grain-free cookie.

Baevsky also previously shared a $300 mac and cheese recipe, where she joked that viewers love her "money saving cook at home hacks."

The Beverly Hills-based influencer has previously come under fire for her trips to the luxury supermarket Erewhon. In November, she spent over $3,500 to restock one of her client's pantries. Insider reported that TikTok users called the video "out of touch."

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