The "Priscilla" Trailer Has People Reacting Intensely To Jacob Elordi's Portrayal Of Elvis

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The Elvis retrospective era is in full swing.

elvis dancing on stage
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On Tuesday, A24 dropped the trailer for Priscilla, Sofia Coppola's take on Priscilla Presley's life with the rock 'n' roll superstar.

elvis sitting in a chair and priscilla kneeling down on his side so he can give her a kiss on the cheek
Sabrina Lantos

You can check out the trailer below:

The film stars Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla. You'll likely recognize Cailee from her important role as Erin McMenamin in Mare of Easttown.

cailee as priscilla looking into a compact mirror
Sabrina Lantos

Jacob Elordi, who you'll know from Euphoria and the upcoming film Saltburn, plays Elvis.

the two as elvis and priscilla in front of their wedding cake
Philippe Le Sourd

This is, of course, not the first Elvis film to drop in the past two years. Last year, Austin Butler received an Oscar nomination for his role as the Memphis legend in Baz Luhrmann's epic, Elvis, which was released last year.

closeup of austin guring the premiere
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However, Sofia's film looks to be quite different tonally than Baz's movie, as her film is based on Priscilla's 1985 memoir, Elvis and Me.

caille as priscilla writing in a notebook on the floor
Sabrina Lantos

If you didn't know, Priscilla met Elvis when she was 14 and he was 24. In 1967, she married the singer at age 21. He was 32. They divorced in 1973.

the couple in front of their wedding cake in the movie
Philippe Le Sourd

The trailer quickly hints that the movie will look at Priscilla's difficulties with their marriage and yearning for a life of her own.

she's sitting a dinner counter
Sabrina Lantos

Among the many takeaways from the trailer, fans quickly noted that Jacob appears to once again be playing a troubled man. As Euphoria fans know, his character Nate Jacobs on the show struggled with a variety of issues including his upbringing, identity, and violence.

closeup of him on the red carpet
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These of course aren't the only reactions. Others are simply excited to see Sofia return with her first major movie since 2020. Check out these reactions and more below:

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Priscilla is set to be released on Nov. 3.