Prince William’s Dance Moves Haven’t Improved, But Who Cares? He’s a Future King

·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Prince William will never have moves like Jagger, Jackson, or JT. He reigns as the royal with the adorably bad dance moves.

There is a new video showing the future king of England dancing like nobody was watching while away with pals on a ski trip in Verbier, Switzerland. The footage, obtained by TMZ, shows him grooving to “I Got 5 On It,” a 1995 song by American hip-hop duo Luniz, and he continued swaying to some EDM. (Lest you think he was raging all night without Kate, this all took place at 10:30 p.m.)

Prince William has adorably bad dance moves. (Photo: Getty Images)
Prince William has adorably bad dance moves. (Photo: Getty Images)

William has been providing us with great bad dance moves for years now. The last time was in September when he grooved with the Scariofunk Dance Collective at a London youth center. According to People magazine, he lamented, “I can never get the shoulder shiver right!” But he went on to admit, “There is no pressure, because I will look ridiculous.”

He knew he would look “ridiculous” because he has previously been called out for being a little stiff. In 2011, he memorably did the “swag dance” with kids at Centerpoint, a charity for homeless youth.

And when he and Kate were in Tuvalu, he also got some laughs.

But, hey, if the worst thing you can say about Prince William is that he is a bad dancer, he’s heads and tails better than many royals, who have been plagued by scandals for years. (We’re still not over Fergie and the toe-sucking.) And he should do a happy dance to that. But maybe in the privacy of his own home.

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