Prince Harry reveals Meghan and Kate’s tense texts about infamous bridesmaid dresses

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Prince Harry has revealed Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s texts about the infamous bridesmaid dresses for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s 2018 wedding.

In his new memoir, Spare, which was released on 10 January, Harry recalled how Meghan received a text from Kate about the dresses needing to be altered. He claimed that when Meghan responded, she told Kate that their tailor, Ajay, would be making his way to Kensington Palace. However, he claimed that this response “wasn’t sufficient,” before sharing the alleged text conversation between the two women.

“Charlotte’s dress is too big, too long, too baggy,” Kate’s text said, according to Harry. “She cried when she tried it on at home.”

Harry then claimed that Meghan responded with: “Right, and I told you the tailor has been standing by since eight a.m. Here. At KP. Can you take Charlotte to have it altered, as the other moms are doing?”

In her reply, Kate allegedly said that “all of the dresses need to be remade”. Harry also claimed that Kate’s wedding dress designer had agreed with her.

He also wrote that Meghan asked Kate if knew what was happening with her father, Thomas Markle, as the Daily Mail reported that he staged photos of himself appearing to learn more about Britain, ahead of his arrival for the royal wedding. (In the recent docuseries, Harry and Meghan, the Duchess said she found out her father wouldn’t be attending her wedding from a TMZ report.)

After Kate said that she knew about Meghan’s father, she still mentioned the dresses and texted: “And the wedding is in four days!” Meghan then replied with: “Yes, Kate, I know…”

Harry went on to claim that Kate texted about other wedding issues, including “the page boys,” and that the two women “went back and forth” about the topic.

The conversation allegedly ended with Meghan texted: “I’m not sure what else to say. If the dress doesn’t fit then please take Charlotte to see Ajay. He’s been waiting all day,” to which Kate responded: “Fine.”

The duke wrote that shortly after the women’s conversation, he came home to see Meghan “on the floor” and “sobbing”.

“Emotions were running right, of course, after the stress of the last week, the last month, the last day,” he wrote. “It was intolerable—but temporary. Kate hadn’t meant any harm, I told her.”

He claimed that the next day, Kate came his house “with flowers and a card that said she was sorry”.

Leading up to his book’s release on Tuesday, Harry took part in multiple interviews and discussed the alleged argument between Meghan and Kate.

Speaking in an ITV interview, he recalled how at the time of his wedding, a widely publicised report alleged that Meghan had made Kate cry over the conversation about the bridesmaids dresses. As noted in Harry’s memoir, Meghan was left in tears and Kate visited the following day to apologise.

When asked why this story wasn’t corrected, he said: “It’s a question for them. They were more than happy to put out statements for less volatile things. My understanding is the reason they didn’t want to come out and say it wasn’t true would therefore lead to ‘Well if it wasn’t that, was it the other way round?’”