Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Slammed By Hollywood Exec For Having No ‘Original Content’

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A top studio executive has criticized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and said their "alarming lack of original content" is ruining their career potential in Hollywood.

The couple's Archewell production company only has one project for this year, the film adaptation of the novel "Meet Me at The Lake."

The TV exec isn't the only critic, as author Tom Bower recently slammed Harry and Meghan and said they've "run out of fuel."

Hollywood Exec Criticizes Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

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Harry and Meghan have been put on blast again regarding their performance in Hollywood, this time by a top studio executive. The exec, who chose to remain anonymous in their conversation with The Express, said the new year is a "make or break" year for the couple's production careers.

They slammed Harry and Meghan for their "alarming lack of original content," saying their failure to perform this year could leave them "walking a financial tightrope simply to survive." Harry and Meghan have invested significantly in Archewell productions since their exit from the royal family in 2020.

However, Archewell is now under immense pressure to become a Hollywood success story, and fast. The company is now battling significantly higher maintenance and production costs, such as the increase in wages for actors and writers. This is due to the lengthy strikes of 2023 that cost Hollywood about £5 billion [$6.3 billion] in films and other productions.

The Sussexes Have Only One Project In The Works

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With the actor's and writers' guild strikes finally over, many production companies are diving headfirst into filling their lineups. Most are greenlighting multiple projects, but Harry and Meghan still only have one project in the works, which is a film adaptation with Netflix.

The adaptation is of the best-selling romance novel "Meet Me at the Lake" by Carley Fortune. The film is part of their five-year $100 million deal with Netflix, which is up for renewal in 2025. The streaming company paid $3.8 million for rights to adapt the book into a film, which is different from their previous collaborations with Harry and Meghan.

The upcoming film is in line with Netflix's stated plan to produce "lighter entertainment," but not everyone is taking it as a good sign. The senior studio exec told The Express, "What immediately worries me is the alarming lack of any other original content on their roster."

They added, "Netflix bought the book they are adapting, but the question everyone in Hollywood is asking is: Can they actually pull this off without either of them having any real prior experience? This is a make-or-break year for them in every sense. Either their company turns this project into a success or they could face a financial nightmare if Netflix pulls the plug on a new contract with them in 2025."

Meghan Is Considering A Reunion Special With Suits

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The heavy criticism and forecast of Harry and Meghan's presence in Hollywood comes amid rumors that the duchess might return to the big screen herself. She's reportedly considering a one-off reunion special with the cast of "Suits" following its massive popularity after being put on Netflix.

The studio exec also had something to say regarding the rumors and how they could impact the couple. They said, "That's a nice bonus if it happens, but it's small change compared to the sort of powerhouse production set-up they have tried to create."

The exec wondered if Harry and Meghan would be "prepared to walk away" from their Hollywood careers if the duchess became a "powerful internet influencer with a worldwide following and a huge revenue stream."

Harry & Meghan Are Allegedly 'Running Out Of Fuel'

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The studio exec is just one of multiple critics of Harry and Meghan and their production career. A few days ago, "Royal expert" Tom Bower had an interview on Talk TV, where he claimed that the duke and duchess have "run out of fuel" in Hollywood and America.

Bower claimed they've only earned money and gained some popularity by "exposing their own unhappiness with the Royal Family." He said, "The idea they have anything else to contribute beyond their trashing of the Royal Family is laughable. They've been found out. They are now ridiculed in Hollywood, and they are ignored in New York."

Luana Ribeira, an author and PR specialist, also spoke to Daily Express US about how Harry and Meghan's podcast deal with Spotify failed to meet people's expectations. She said, "Being a huge name yourself will only get you so far - at some point, people are going to want to actually be entertained."