Prime Video’s ‘With Love’ Cast Reflect On Navigating Matters Of The Heart In Season 2

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Love is still in the air for Prime Video’s With Love.

As the series heads into season 2, Lily Diaz (Emeraude Toubia) is more focused on pouring into herself than ever before.

“Lily just hit rock bottom,” Toubia told Shadow and Act. “For season 2, you’re gonna find out in the first couple of minutes of the episode. Oh boy, poor girl… I feel really bad for her. But hey, you know what, I relate to her. All of my girlfriends relate to her and most women relate to her. So, that’s why I love her because she’s messy and she makes mistakes, but, genuinely, she’s seeking what we all seek, which is love, our dreams, our career, and in a way navigating the pressure that society puts on us, that our family puts on us.”

Not only was she caught in a whirlwind romance with Santiago (Rome Flynn), but there’s a bit of a love triangle going on after Nick (Desmond Chiam) also professes his feelings for her at the end of the first season.

“I think a lot of what’s beautiful about this series is that it’s not some force love triangle,” Chiam recalled. “There is some sort of character growth for Nick and Lily that in some ways almost means together… who knows? I think it’s more of a factor of circumstances and character growth than necessarily that these two people should be together, which I think is really nice.”

What’s more, Flynn says his character is learning to navigate what has transpired in his relationship with Lily.

“I think we reached a point where we can’t, we wouldn’t be able to go backward,” Flynn shared, with hesitation of giving too much away. “It has changed the fabric and the dynamic between these two characters because they still long, in aspects, for each other. And are still trying to navigate how to have [their] cake and eat it too.”

Meanwhile, Lily’s sibling, Jorge Diaz (Mark Indelicato) is navigating a very different set of problems alongside his partner Henry Cruz (Vincent Rodriguez III).

“I think that the kind of cold feet motif is not universal, but, I think, [it] is widely relatable to many couples so I think it’s authentic,” said Indelicato. “As far as Henry’s parents are concerned, both families are very accepting and excited about this new chapter in their life and also just their relationship in general. Henry’s assimilation into the Diaz family was much easier just because of Henry’s essence. Jorge is a little bit more difficult.”

For Rodriguez, this makes for great television.

“It made it way more fun to watch because it was entertaining for me as Vinnie, [watching] Mark play those moments as Jorge and also to play Henry on the opposite end it shows how families are different, just in different ways of showing their love and affection for one another and that’s ultimately what it ends up being about,” said Rodriguez.

With Love, season 2 is now available for streaming on Prime Video.