Pretty Deadly Technically Say Nice Things About The New Day

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Pretty Deadly still aren’t over what The New Day did to them down in WWE NXT.

Former NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly recently sat down with Jim Varsallone to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about their rivalry with The New Day in recent months, Pretty Deadly technically said nice things about New Day before stating that the duo ruined their lives.

“Yes, technically, it’s an honor to be in the ring with them,” Kit Wilson said. “Technically, we grew up watching them. Technically, they are inspirations and role models in the Tag Team division. Technically, we’ve looked up to them for years and think they’re brilliant. However, The New Day came to NXT when they shouldn’t have, uninvited, and ruined our lives.”

Elton Prince echoed Wilson’s statements and compared their NXT Tag Team Titles to babies and that New Day took them away alongside their purpose and joy in life.

“Yep, that’s exactly what happened,” Elton Prince confirmed. “We had our babies, didn’t we? We had our babies and carried them for months and months, and then they just took it away. Took our joy away, took our purpose away.

“It’s been a real rough journey, and you know what hurts most is they know what they’ve done. There’s no remorse. There’s no regret. There’s no guilt. They’re just off living their merry lives now. Oh, let’s go down and ruin Pretty Deadly’s lives and then carry on as normal.”

Kit Wilson went as far as to claim he believes the recent injury Kofi Kingston suffered on SmackDown is karma for what New Day did to them in NXT.

“And I’ll say this, maybe Kofi recently. I don’t want to say it, but it’s karma,” Kit Wilson said.

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