Premiere: Edmonton Rhymer Chri$DaPrince Brings A Touch Of Realism On “Mine's Is Ours”

·1 min read

Aspirational rap with bars about stacking cash and ruling the music game are all well and good, but more often than not it’s either empty bravado or just flat-out unrealistic—or both. Sometimes, you want to hear something from your world.

That’s exactly the sentiment North London rhymer Chri$DaPrince is tapping into on his latest single, “Mine’s Is Ours”. Immune to the seductive charm of glitz and glamour or street glory, the North London rhymer’s goals are much more relatable.

Tooled with a cool-headed jazzy instrumental from Shyy Beats, he speaks on making enough money to put a roof over his head, about surprise pregnancies, and all the other everyday hurdles life throws at us.

For the video, he’s kept it just as straightforward and honest, calling on director Maxamillian Hofgartner to piece together scenes of a man juggling all his responsibilities while Chri$ looks on as narrator.

Speaking to Complex via email, he shares: “‘Mine’s Is Our’s’ is an introspective rap song touching on some of the many perspectives you may come across when being a product of your environment. Performed over a soulful, jazz-influenced instrumental I put myself in the shoes of character shedding light on his day’s highs and lows.”

Hit play on the new video at the top and then be sure to add “Mine’s Is Our’s” to all your playlists.