Pregnant Heidi Montag Pratt Shows Off 'Life Changing' Home Organization Makeover Ahead of Baby #2

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Heidi Montag Pratt Shares Elation for Baby No. 2: 'I'm Excited to Be Able to Go Back'
Heidi Montag Pratt Shares Elation for Baby No. 2: 'I'm Excited to Be Able to Go Back'

Heidi Montag/Instagram, Eryn Donaldson

Heidi Montag Pratt had specific goals in mind when it came to getting her home ready for the arrival of her second baby later this year.

"I've been waiting to do the nursery for a while, looking for just the right time because I wanted to change Gunner's room into the nursery," The Hills: New Beginnings star, 35, tells PEOPLE of her son, 4, with husband Spencer Pratt. "I've been waiting to transition him to a different room in the house."

Before she could make that happen, Heidi had a junk closet to tackle. "I have had a collection of what my husband would call treasure for the past five years that's built up in that room," Heidi admits.

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"I needed to empty that out. So before the professional organizers even came, I spent eight hours in there trying to throw things away and organize, and it just felt really overwhelming," she says.

Enter professional organizer Eryn Donaldson, CEO of The Model Home, who helped Heidi tackle the clutter and reach her organizational goals.

"What Eryn did was incredible," Heidi says. "I was going to fly my mom out to help with this and then I thought, 'well this is even better.'"

Heidi was particularly grateful for Eryn's assistance with managing all those "treasures." "Having the help was really life-changing. It was just so nice, having an outside perspective, someone who could just come in and not be attached to things," she says.

Some of Spencer's unnecessary items also got the boot.

"He wants to hold on to more things than I want to. So, it was nice having an outside person coming in. Because if my mom came in, it'd be like, 'Your mom's trying to get rid of stuff,'" she jokes. Instead, "it was a professional saying, 'Well, what are you doing with this? And how do we eliminate it?'"

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The soon-to-be mom of two also had some serious constraints in tackling the project.

"I'm five months pregnant and as big as I was at like eight months [the first time]. Having so much help and being able to access all of Gunner's stuff, and have it be organized was so important," Heidi says. "It was also really stressful and overwhelming, the thought of transforming everything and doing it myself. To have that stress taken off, it just has been the biggest gift."

Heidi said she is "beyond excited" to welcome her new baby during the holiday season, which she says will add "balance" to her family. "Being a mom of one has been way more challenging than I anticipated, but so much more rewarding as well. I'm so excited about every day. It's like the gift that keeps on giving. And now that Eryn has helped take the biggest thing off my plate, I'm feeling really good about it."