Pregnant dancer wows on ‘SYTYCD’: ‘Just because you're having a baby doesn't mean you should stop doing what you love’

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Nigerian bellydancer Korra Obidi brought new meaning to the term “hot mama” Monday, when she showed up for her So You Think You Can Dance audition with a very pregnant belly — and never let the fact that she was dancing for two slow her down.

“If I can just create a shift in my people, that's my life goal. Where I'm from, it's not accepted to dream like that,” explained Obidi, an actual princess, born into Nigerian royalty, who left her disapproving family to follow her dance dreams in Shanghai and eventually Los Angeles. “I want every young girl in Nigeria to see that you can do anything that you want to do if you put your mind to it, pregnant or not.”

Obidi was an awesome example for her future daughter at what she joked was her “duet audition” — leaping, undulating, high-kicking, and even doing the splits to “Bad Man” by fellow badasses Missy Elliott and M.I.A. The judges were shocked at first (the famously loud Mary Murphy wasn’t the only one screaming during this risky performance), but all of them were impressed by this real-life princess and queen of the dance floor.

“Korra, you are definitely one fierce woman, let me tell ya. I can't wait to see the playback, because I still can't believe that you can do that,” marveled Murphy.

“You gotta give respect to her. She just did a drop-split and then saved her baby's life at the same time! … I've also never seen a baby pre-birth do choreography,” joked judge Dominic Sandoval. “I'm blown away. I applaud everything you're about. Congratulations.”

“You are a world-changer, a systems-breaker. There is so much purpose in your choices,” raved Laurieann Gibson. “I mean, I couldn't even think of being pregnant and dancing!”

And lead judge Nigel Lythgoe declared, “You are inspiring to women. Just because you're having a baby doesn't mean you should stop doing what you love. And that's wonderful.”

Ultimately, the panel opted not to put Obidi through to the next round, probably out of concern for how she’d be able to keep up with other contestants as the season — and her pregnancy — progressed. But Murphy told her with a confident smile, “I know you're coming back.”

And Obidi seemed happy just to have the opportunity to represent for all the talented hot mamas out there. “Performing on that stage was miraculous, and I'm happy that I got to experience it with her,” she said, referring to her unborn child.

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