Pregnancy prank almost gives Sig Hansen another heart attack on 'Deadliest Catch'

With the Northwestern's king crab quota filled, Deadliest Catch greenhorn Clark Pederson was tasked with pranking his father-in-law, Sig Hansen. Let's just say, sig wasn't amused. After filling the quota, Pederson was told by deck boss Edgar Hansen to tell the captain that his daughter, Mandy, was pregnant. Clark admitted, "I don't really want to do it, but when you're the low man on the totem pole, you kind of got to do what the deck boss says." Reluctantly Clark went up to the wheelhouse and told Sig, "Mandy is pregnant. I think Jackson is going to have a cousin." At first Sig was skeptical, saying, "Come on. Are you serious?" But then he fell into deep contemplation. Considering Sig is coming off a massive heart attack, Clark decided it was probably best to come clean. When Clark revealed he was just kidding, the captain chased him out of the wheelhouse. While the crew got a kick out of the prank, it looks like Clark is going to be regretting it for a while. Sig got on loud speaker and said, "Clark, I would really, really keep an eye open when I go to sleep. I'd keep one eye open when you sleep from now on for the rest of your life." Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.