Powerball Facing $340 Million Lawsuit For Leaving Incorrect Lottery Numbers Up For 3 Days

How would you feel if you checked the lottery numbers and believed you won millions of dollars, only to realize the numbers are outdated? A man in Washington D.C. suffered that exact fate via Powerball, and is seeking $340 million via a lawsuit due to their negligence.

In January 2023, John Cheeks played the lottery and selected numbers 7, 15, 23, 32, and 40 while his Powerball number was 2. Those same numbers were the winning numbers on Jan. 7, but Cheeks didn’t see them until the following day. In his mind, he had won the $340 million grand prize, and that is where things went awry.

Upon cashing in his lottery ticket, he was denied the prize. Cheeks took things a step further, filing a complaint with the D.C.’s Office of Lottery and Gaming only to be denied there, too. At this point, there was no other recourse but to pursue litigation.

Taoti, the company that runs Washington D.C.’s lottery website, admitted to posting the wrong numbers and keeping them on the website for three days. Per the lawsuit, the executive director of the Office of Lottery and Gaming backed Taoti’s admission, yet still denied Cheeks his money.

Cheeks’ attorneys believed he was still entitled to a prize simply for going through the standard process of selecting the same numbers that appeared on the lottery website. “Because the winning numbers on the D.C. Lottery website matched the numbers on the Plaintiff’s Powerball lottery ticket, the Plaintiff is entitled to the entire jackpot that was then available,” they said in the lawsuit. “This Court should enforce that prize.”

They also argued that he should still be awarded money even if he did not technically win due to Taoti’s “gross negligence” and attempt to hide their crucial error. They believe the lawsuit is bigger than Cheeks, as it “raises critical questions about the integrity and accountability of lottery operations and the safeguards—or lack thereof—against the type of errors that Powerball and the D.C. Lottery admit occurred in this case.”

As for 2024, the Powerball jackpot has now reached $376 million. If someone wins on Saturday and chooses to cash out immediately, they can go home with $177.5 million, per USA Today.

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