Pose ’s Angelica Ross Just Made Broadway History

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Pose ’s Angelica Ross Just Made Broadway History

Angelica Ross has all that jazz.

The Pose actress made history on Sept. 12 when she stepped into the shoes of Roxie Hart in Chicago. How so? She became the first openly transgender person to play a leading role on Broadway.

While the role may seem daunting, the American Horror Story alum was ready.

"I've always been an actor, since diapers. I've been in musical theater for a long time," the 41-year-old recently told TODAY. "For 12 years, before I even got into television, I did community theater. I'm prepared to meet this moment."

The weight of the history-making moment was not lost on the trailblazer, who told TODAY she was ready to "come alive in a space, just as a Black woman."

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"You can't hide the fact that when you watch me as Roxie on stage that I am a dark-skinned Black woman," she said. "No line needs to be changed, but a Black woman knows what it feels like to navigate a white environment. Whereas a lot of people might not really just even think about that ... I really do."

Earlier, she reflected on how her casting will impact the trans community.

"I think about the trans women who are looking at me right now and are now thinking that this is possible," Angelica told The Associated Press. "I am really excited to embrace the audience as they embrace me."

Angelica Ross, Chicago
Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

And she's certainly embraced Roxie.

"She knows her womanly ways," she said. "I feel like so many women, including trans women, have had to navigate a male-dominated environment and have had trouble with other people having the vision to see their talent."

Angelica will continue her role at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City until Nov. 6.

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