Popeye the Sailor Man Movie (2024): Is It Real or Fake? Will Dwayne Johnson Be In It?

Popeye the Sailor Man Movie 2024
Popeye the Sailor Man Movie 2024

A recent Popeye the Sailor Man movie trailer got fans super excited about the spinach-loving character as it also teased Dwayne Johnson’s appearance. But is the movie happening in 2024 and will The Rock lead its cast? Here’s all you need to know about it.

Is Popeye The Sailor Man movie trailer real or fake?

The Popeye The Sailor Man 2024 trailer is fan-made and not official. The movie is not arriving in 2024.

In early December 2023, the FoxStar Media YouTube channel released a trailer that lasted 72 seconds and featured dialogues such as “the spinach-loving sailor” with “muscles flexing in determination,” while describing Popeye. It made many people think that a live-action Popeye movie is happening. But unfortunately for fans who want it, that isn’t the case.

Back in mid-2020, SlashFilm reported that Genndy Tartakovsky wanted to come up with a Popeye film. But no development on it has taken place since then. Furthermore, the above trailer isn’t real either.

Will Dwayne Johnson play Popeye in 2024?

Dwayne Johnson will not be playing Popeye in 2024.

Since FoxStar Media’s fan-made Popeye trailer featured Dwayne Johnson in a Popeye get-up as a thumbnail, viewers also thought that he’d be starring in the film. But again, that isn’t happening. Instead, The Rock’s fans could catch him in upcoming films such as Red One, Red Notice 2 & 3, a future Fast and Furious installment, and a live-action Moana movie.

With all these upcoming movies, the actor’s schedule is already packed. Furthermore, there haven’t been any reports of him signing on for a Popeye movie, since it isn’t happening. Instead, fans might get to see him continue playing a sailor in a potential Jungle Cruise sequel.

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