Pop TV announces One Day at a Time debut, sets return for Anna Paquin's Flack

The Alvarez family will finally make its debut on Pop TV when One Day at a Time premieres on March 24. The network announced during its Television Critics Association presentation on Monday that the former Netflix series will release 13 new episodes starting at 9:30 p.m.

Taping for the new season begins next week on the Sony lot in Culver City, CA. When last we saw the Cuban-American family, Lydia (Rita Moreno) had taken off to Cuba with her boyfriend Dr. Berkowitz (Stephen Tobolowsky). When the series returns for season 4, Lydia is ready to dish about what went on during that fateful trip but all is not well as viewers will learn that she’s experiencing a religious crisis.

Pop also teased that Penelope (Justina Machado) is exploring a surprising relationship, while Schneider (Todd Grinnell) finds his relationship with Avery (played by his real-life wife India de Beaufort) is growing deeper. And as Elena (Isabella Gomez) prepares for college, her not-so-little brother Alex (Marcel Ruiz) starts dating.

Pop TV
Pop TV

Viewers who didn’t catch the episodes on Netflix shouldn’t feel lost here. “We have a clear little relaunch,” Executive Producer Gloria Calderon Kellett told reporters Monday in Pasadena, CA. “The beauty of this show is that the characters are defined so well, it doesn’t take long to figure out that’s the mother, that’s the grandmother, that’s the neighbor. Anyone who hans’t seen the first three seasons will be just fine.”

One Day at a Time was saved from cancellation by Pop TV in June, following a passionate fan campaign that pleaded for the show to get a fourth season.

It was also announced during the TCA presentation that Anna Paquin‘s Flack will return for its sophomore season on March 13, with new talent front and center including Daniel Dae Kim, Sam Neill, and Martha Plimpton.

The dark comedy is set in the world of a celebrity crisis PR firm, with season 2 focused on Robyn (Paquin) putting her life back together after her addictions got the better of her at the end of season one. Focusing on rebuilding her relationship with her sister and keeping her clients out of the headlines, she must also face a new and unexpected revelation head-on.

Meanwhile, her boss Caroline (Sophie Okonedo) is surprised to see her ex (Neill) return, while Eve (Lydia Wilson) is tasked with keeping new client GabrielCole (Kim) satisfied, and Melody (Rebecca Benson) is adjusting to a new life after leaving the firm. Plimpton will appear in an episode as Robyn’s late mother.

Series executive producer (and Paquin’s husband) Stephen Moyer will direct two of the show’s six episodes.

And in a surprise announcement, Rachel Bloom is the newest member of the Pop TV family. The network picked up her pilot Mother Mary, a comedy that will tackle the question: “What would happen in today’s world if the most irresponsible and lazy human on Earth was impregnated by immaculate conception?”

Betsy Sodaro, who developed the character, will star as a reimagined version of Mary, and Bloom will portray the Mother of the Antichrist. The pilot is set to shoot in February, with Dan Gregor (Bloom’s husband) directing.

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