Pop Cultured: Ugly Cry

Cry us a river and build us a bridge, but I don’t know if we’ll ever get over it! With the explosion of internet memes in recent years, it’s impossible to scroll through social media and not come across some iconic cries in the replies. Whether it’s a Chrissy Teigan GIF, an Oprah clip, Dawson’s weep, Anthony Anderson’s couch-sob or one of a handful of moments from the KKCU (that’s the Kim Kardashian Cry Universe, of course!), we’re running down the list like Lauren Conrad’s single black tear and discussing the history of the "Ugly Cry" in film, TV and pop culture. Join PEOPLE staff and our guests Joel Kim Booster, Tiffany Haddish, Margaret Cho, Kevin Bacon, Rachel Bilson, Lacey Chabert, Dewayne Perkins, Annie Lederman, Sudi Green, and Alaska as we breakdown what constitutes an "Ugly Cry", how to perfect one, and some of its best moments in history. You might need a tissue!