Poll Challengers Gather Outside Detroit TCF Center

New challengers were prevented by police from entering Detroit’s TCF Center after it reached capacity on the afternoon of November 4, reports from the scene say.

Both political parties hit the maximum of 134 challengers they were permitted to have in the TCF Center, where absentee votes that could decide the election were being counted, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The incident took place as Joe Biden took the lead over Donald Trump as votes were counted in the battleground state. This footage from Michael Cassin shows people gathering outside the polling place. Other footage from the scene shows the crowd chanting “let us in.”

The Trump campaign on Wednesday said it had filed a lawsuit that seeks to halt the counting of ballots in Michigan until it is given “meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process.” The suit was announced despite the vast majority of votes already being unofficially reported by local clerks, according to local reports. Credit: Michael Cassin via Storyful