Polish PM names terms for transferring F-16 fighters to Ukraine

Винищувач F-16
Винищувач F-16

"As a few months ago in the context of MiGs, any other air power will be realized and possibly transferred in coordination with NATO countries,” Morawiecki said, when asked whether Poland was ready to transfer its F-16 fighters to Ukraine

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“We will act in full coordination here," the Polish prime minister added.

Media reported on Jan. 29 that Poland had provided Ukraine with "some" MiG-29s under the guise of spare parts back in the first half of 2022.

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Earlier, Politico wrote that European countries are discussing the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine after the decision to transfer tanks, but some NATO states fear a possible escalation in the war if jets are sent.

Some days ago the Netherlands announced its readiness to provide Ukraine with its F-16 fighter jets.

U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer said that Washington would be discussing the idea "very carefully" with Kyiv and its allies. And Deputy Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh, when asked about the possibility of supplying fighter jets, said that the United States "is not going to take anything off the table” in this regard.

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