Police Sue Afroman for Using Home Raid Footage in Music Videos

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In August 2022, police in Adams County, Ohio raided the home of Joseph Foreman — a.k.a. Afroman — on unfounded suspicions of drug trafficking and kidnapping. In brilliant retaliation, the “Because I Got High” rapper used home security footage of the raid and referenced it in multiple music videos. Now, seven officers have sued Afroman for allegedly invading their privacy.

Local news outlets report that the plaintiffs — four deputies, two sergeants, and a detective — are claiming Afroman took footage of their faces obtained during the raid and circulated it without their consent, which is a misdemeanor violation under Ohio Revised Code. They’re also suing on civil grounds, claiming they’ve suffered “emotional distress, embarrassment, ridicule, loss of reputation, and humiliation.”

What’s more, the plaintiffs are demanding all Afroman’s profits from the use of their personas, which they’ve outlined as proceeds from the songs, music videos, and concert tickets, as well as the promotion of his merch brand. They’re also asking for an injunction to take down all posts featuring their personas.

“They come up here with AR-15, traumatize my kids, destroyed my property, kick in my door, rip up and destroy my camera system,” Afroman said of the raid at the time. The officers took a number of items from his home, including about $5,000 in cash.

The officers are seeking damages in excess of $25,000 on four of the counts listed in the suit — plus attorneys fees — as well as a court order that would prohibit Afroman from putting out any more content related to the raid.

But the rapper hasn’t lost the fight yet. In a social media post, Afroman quoted a statement from his attorney Anna Castellini stating that they’re awaiting the results of a public records request from Adams County and are “planning to counter sue for the unlawful raid, money being stolen, and for the undeniable damage this had on [Afroman’s] family, career and property.”

See that post and watch the music videos referencing the raid below.

Afroman previously announced plans to run for president in the 2024 election. Incredibly, he’s not the only announced candidate to have been subjected of a police raid.

Police Sue Afroman for Using Home Raid Footage in Music Videos
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