Poker Face EPs Answer All Our Burning Finale Questions, Like: Whose Voice Was That on the Phone With Charlie?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Thursday’s Poker Face finale.

The more things change for Poker Face‘s Charlie Cale, the more they stay the same.

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In Thursday’s season finale, Charlie was finally tracked down by Cliff and brought back to face vengeful casino owner Sterling Frost Senior (played by Ron Perlman). But of course, there was a twist: Sterling actually wanted to recruit Charlie to use her lie-detecting skills in a meeting with rival casino boss Beatrix Hasp, but before she could, Sterling was shot dead — by Cliff, who had struck a side deal with Beatrix and framed Charlie for the murder. Charlie hid out for a while, reconnecting with her sister Emily (played by Clea DuVall), before piecing together that Cliff did it (thanks to a fateful poker chip) and managed to get him arrested for Natalie’s murder. Her FBI pal Luca returned to lend a hand and even offered Charlie a job, but she decided to hit the road instead when she got an ominous call from Beatrix Hasp, threatening to find her and kill her unless she puts her lie-detecting powers to work for her.

Charlie rejected the offer and went back on the run again… just how she started out Season 1. TVLine tracked down Poker Face showrunners Nora and Lilla Zuckerman to get a clue about whose voice we heard talking to Charlie at the end (it sounded familiar, right?), Cliff’s love of Blues Traveler and where Charlie may be heading in Season 2 — and which guest stars she might run into out there.

TVLINE | So Charlie ends the season in pretty much the same situation as she began it: on the lam with a scary mob boss on her trail. Was that always the way you wanted to end it, even if you weren’t renewed? Or did you play around with different ideas?
Well, I think we always knew that she wasn’t going to be settling down and laying down roots, starting a family and getting a day job at the end of Season 1. But I don’t think we had settled on the idea of Beatrix Hasp, of the five families or any of that. It just started to feel like Charlie belongs on the road, and I love that we end with this iconic image of her climbing back in the Barracuda and jetting across the country again. It just kind of felt right as a bookend to our season, but also the promise of what could come.

NORA | And she’s kind of figured out how to do this, right? As she says to Beatrix, she’s good at it, so let’s find out together how long this can last. It’s a fun promise, whether or not we had had a second season. I think of Charlie Cale always being out there getting justice for somebody. I feel like sometimes those are the best endpoints when you just can imagine that person is still out getting justice.

TVLINE | Who was the voice of Beatrix Hasp at the end there?
That’s Rhea Perlman.

TVLINE | Oh, excellent! I thought I recognized it. So she will be playing her in Season 2?
That is the hope, certainly. We wanted to cast somebody with a really iconic voice, but in true Poker Face form, we also wanted to cast somebody that is this wonderful character actor and give them an opportunity to play against type. So I cannot wait to see what Rhea can bring to being a villainous, murderous mob boss. I can’t wait to see that.

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