Pokemon Go Mega Aggron Raid guide, counters and best moveset

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 Pokemon Go Mega Aggron Raid Guide
Pokemon Go Mega Aggron Raid Guide

These Pokemon Go Mega Aggron Raid counters will help you capture a powerful Steel-type Mega Pokemon as tank option, and master their move set. And while it’s mostly known for its defensive stats, Mega Aggron can still pack a punch if needed. For the duration of the Pokemon Go Test Your Mettle event and a few days after (Sept. 16-27), Mega Aggron will appear in Mega Raids in your area.

Trainers may have a difficult time taking down Mega Aggron but that’s what this guide is for. Here are the best counters and everything else trainers need to know about this Gen 3 Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Mega Aggron Raid Counters

Pokemon Go Mega Aggron Raid Guide
Pokemon Go Mega Aggron Raid Guide

Mega Aggron is the only Mega Pokemon that actually loses a typing from its normal form. While regular Aggron is a Steel and Rock-type, its Mega Evolution is a pure Steel-type.

This makes Mega Aggron weak to Fire, Fighting and Ground-type attacks. While Fire-type Pokemon are an option against Mega Aggron we really recommend you go with either Fighting or Ground types for this battle. And the reason for that is the moves that Mega Aggron knows, which we’ll get into in the section below.

As for Fighting and Ground Pokemon, Fighting types are really the best team to use. Mega Lopunny is the only Fighting-type Mega Evolution so it’s a viable option, but with the number of powerful Fighting types in Pokemon Go, it won’t trainers who don’t bring it into battle. Although the power boost from Mega Lopunny’s Mega Evolution passive is worth the spot.

Lucario, Machamp, Conkeldurr and Terrakion are excellent choices to use on an all-Fighting team.

Trainers who want to use Ground types may have a similar problem with the lack of a viable Mega Evolution. Mega Steelix is the only Ground-type Mega Evolution currently available and it doesn’t have the best moveset. Like Mega Lopunny, Steelix will give Ground types a power boost if it’s used on your team.

Other Ground types like Garchomp, Excadrill, Landorus and Groudon should be used on your team.

Here are a few options for Mega Aggron counters in Pokemon Go.



Mega Lopunny

Low Kick and Focus Blast

Mega Steelix

Thunder Fang and Earthquake


Counter and Aura Sphere


Counter and Dynamic Punch


Mud Shot and Earth Power


Mud-Slap and Earthquake


Mud Shot and Earth Power


Counter and Dynamic Punch


Mud Shot and Earthquake


Double Kick and Sacred Sword

Pokemon Go Mega Aggron Moves

Mega Aggron has a wide array of moves that it uses in Pokemon Go. Dragon Tail is a Dragon-type Fast Attack that would deal super effective damage to Garchomp, while Smack Down, a Rock-type move, will deal a lot of damage to most Fire types.

Iron Tail, a Steel-type attack, won’t give many of the above Pokemon problems, but it has STAB when Mega Aggron uses it so beware.

As for its Charged Attacks, Thunder (Electric) won’t give the above Pokemon many problems while Heavy Slam will be neutral to most of the counters. However, Stoned Edge and Rock Tomb will spell doom for Fire types, which is why we recommend avoiding using them at all costs.

Lucario is actually the best Pokemon to use against Mega Aggron. It resists all of the Pokemon’s moves except for Thunder. Excadrill resists all of Mega Aggron’s attacks so if you’re building a team, definitely use one of them.

Here are all of the moves that Mega Aggron can use in Pokemon Go

Fast Attack

Charged Attack

Dragon Tail


Iron Tail

Stone Edge

Smack Down

Heavy Slam

Rock Tomb