Playtime ends adorably for young boy and his new puppy

Johan has just met the family's new puppy and they have spent the day playing enthusiastically. Nena is a beautiful little schnauzer who has fit in perfectly with this wonderful family. She was found in the window of a pet store in Ecuador, waiting to be discovered. Her pleading eyes caught the attention of a man walking past who was out getting groceries for his family. Christian stopped and looked in the window, meeting her steady gaze. She barked, jumped excitedly at the glass and scratched at it with her little paws. She backed up and began hopping up and down. Christian's heart melted. He thought about his children back home, and his daughter who had been bravely battling cancer since she was 18 months old. His daughter had been doing very well and was recovering nicely. Christian's family had enough love to share with this adorable little soul. He went in and bought Nena, along with the supplies and food that would be needed. The children were shocked when he arrived home with this newest family member. They immediately began to play and bond with Nena. In particular, Johan was very taken with this little pup, despite the fact that he had been nervous about dogs before this. After an afternoon of playing energetically, both decided that it was nap time. They ended up on the couch in the most adorable little pile, fast asleep. Nena has been a wonderful addition to the family, giving back as much love as she has been given. She truly has found the perfect forever home. And Christian is just about the best father in the world in the eyes of his three children.